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super bowl betAs the date suggests, it is played on the first Sunday of February. Americans have named this day as “Super Bowl Sunday.” Also, they consider it as an unofficial American National Holiday.

Along with the football matches in Super Bowl, the event consists of other elements, encouraging entertainment in every way possible. There are marching bands from various high schools and colleges. The entertainment is further increased from a few years. In addition to the marching and cheering, there are famous singers joining in the Super Bowl. Ceremonies that are held before the start of the tournament and during half-time, eminent singers unite with the performance team to shape up the event.

Previously, singers including Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, The Black-Eyed Peas, Madonna have also performed in the Super Bowl.

Now the catch is

betting super bowl 2017The Super Bowl 51 is going to be held on 5th February 2017 between the teams of Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

It will take place at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

This will be the third time a Super Bowl will be held in Houston. During the half-time, Lady Gaga will be brightening up the event. Lady Gaga has been a part of the Super Bowl the previous year as well. Besides this, both the teams will be practicing for Super Bowl LI at the Rice University and the University of Houston.

The entire event will be covered by Fox News in the United States. People who are interested in watching the series can tune into the channel to make the most out of it. The Super Bowl is the most watched American Television broadcast throughout the year. There were about 114.4 million viewers in the year 2015, so now you can imagine how much it would be increased in 2017.

New England Patriots

New England Patriots, formerly known as Boston Patriots are going to play in the Super Bowl 51 this year.

betting the super bowlPatriots are playing against Atlanta Falcons in February.

New England Patriots belong from the Great Boston Region. They are a part of American football tournaments from a long time. They have been among the American Football Conference (AFC) from the East division since the 1970s.

The headquarters of the New England Patriots are located in the town of Foxborough, Massachusetts. Their home ground is the Gillette Stadium. Talking about the Super Bowl, New England Patriots have appeared in Super Bowl 9 times up till now. The New England Patriots have been the most successful team in the National Football League (NFL) history. Their coach, Bill Belichick, is doing a tremendous job in presenting some polished players in the Super Bowl LI.

The competition between New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons is going to be interesting throughout. The coach of New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady are going to make a great team. Bill Belichick is among the best-known coaches in the National Football League (NFL) history. He will put up his clever strategy in playing. On the other hand, Tom Brady, the best in Quarterback, is going to prove his skills again.

Tom Brady BetsBill Belichick and Tom Brady are going to appear together for the 7th time up till now.

In all the previous tournaments, they have been a great help to each other in bringing up the matches. Tom Brady has maintained his career by giving his best shots in postseason games. So basically, the New England Patriots team is relying on Tom Brady because he can make sure they win.

Tom Brady is among some finest players. It is reported that Tom Brady has never lost when he has played with the Falcons. Before this Super Bowl, Tom Brady played with the Falcons 4 years ago, despite being 39 years of age, he still manages to bring about the best gameplay in history.

He is getting better in the game as his age is increasing. Analyzing the performance of the New England Patriots’ team, we can clearly say that they cannot lose the game if Tom Brady is in it. He has about 1,193 passing yards, nine touchdowns, and one interception.

Defense Strategy of England Patriots

bet Patriots super bowl 2017If we talk about the defense system, the team is quite impressive in it. They have already earned the title of “No.1 scoring defense”.

The New England Patriots have about 40 players in their defense system. Bill Belichick has some very polished defensive players to make them win the Super Bowl LI.

Apart from this, New England Patriots’ fans look worried about a player, Martellus Bennett. He is an efficient receiver on the field. Bennett is known to be the number 1 player of tight end. He has been a part of this game since 2008. But, Patriots’ fans have received the news of his injuries in ankle and shoulder. Despite these injuries, Bennett will somehow manage to play in the Super Bowl LI. It is quite risky. Once the tournament is finished, Bennett is supposed to get his surgery done to return to the field being fit.

Hardly Any Tickets Left

The tournament between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons is going to be amusing. The Super Bowl LI tickets are already reaching its heights. Many tickets are gained through special packages because of which there are hardly any tickets left. This gives us an overview of how the tournament is going to be. There are numerous fans who will be attending the Super Bowl to witness the performance of the players.

The New England Patriots are ready for the Super Bowl championship. It is reported that the team will be traveling to Houston on this Monday, January 30th, 2017. Everybody is eager for this tournament to begin, including the players and the viewers. The practices of the team are already scheduled on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before leaving for Houston.

Previous Achievements of Patriots

sexy patriots girlThe New England Patriots got up to the Super Bowl after defeating the Houston Texans and Steelers. Firstly, the team won over the Houston Texans by a score of 34-16.

Winning this match got the Patriots to gain the sixth straight American Football Conference (AFC) title game. Because of this, the Patriots became the first team to win six conference championships in a row. In the match, Tom Brady showed his first touchdown when there were only 9 minutes left in the first quarter. Every player gave their best shot in the match to prove they are worthy of being in the Super Bowl.

New England Patriots’ performance can be analyzed by reviewing their previous matches with the Steelers. The Patriots’ team won by a score of 36-17. After winning this match, they got the AFC championship, which led them to the Super Bowl LI. The teamwork was pretty good. The Patriots played patiently. The team had the strategy to win with the criss-cross patterns which confused the Steelers. Hogan, Amendola, and Edelman have played remarkably in the defense system. By the end, you can easily determine the future performance of New England Patriots’ team in the Super Bowl.

In A Nutshell

Viewing the history of the New England Patriots, we can see many people getting angry and jealous on their continuous win. While on the other hand, the fans of the New England Patriots are eager to take you down on this issue. They are aware that there is no cheating going on in the team. The loyalty they show proves that they know every bit of information of the New England Patriots team.

Keeping the fans aside, it is calculated that there is a 61 percent chance that New England Patriots will be winning against the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. The predictions prove that New England Patriots are a step ahead of Atlanta Falcons. This is only predicted by the previous games played by both of the teams. There are only two weeks left until you will also be enjoying the tournament of Super Bowl. You may visit the NRG Stadium in Houston, or you could tune into Fox News for updates. There are going to be a lot of viewers, and you can be a part of them as well.

Supe Bowl Odds 2017

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