North Carolina Panthers

carolina panthers super bowl bettingFootball enthusiasts are sure well-informed about North Carolina Panthers- from their origin, games, schedule, latest wins and more. Carolina Panthers have successfully left a mark in the history and constantly creating more. For those who are a bit curious about their start and how they are able to make history, just read further.


The history of Carolina Panthers started in late 1980s right after when the expansion team of professional NBA has been approved. Everything began when Richardson met with a group of fascinated parties in Charlotte. The meeting agenda is to discuss the viability of entering the NFL expansion franchise to the multi-city competition. Afterwards, Richardson formally announced that Carolina will be the town to put the NFL franchise.

The first business order was to select a stadium site. South and North Carolina were among the option. Subsequently, Richardson Sports opt the site in the uptown Charlotte to become the future home of NFL privately financed Stadium that would accommodate over 70,000 fans.

carolina-panthers-cheerleadersThe support for the expansion team immediately poured and reached an unprecedented rate. Ernest Holding from South Carolina and Jesse Helms from North Carolina lobbied the NFL owners on the behalf of Carolinas. Fans showed their enthusiasm through selling preseason games. Governor Carroll Campbell and Jim Martin formed blue-ribbon committee. Everyone has shown their enthusiasm.

The expansion undergoes multiple voting until on 1993, NFL owners officially announced that Carolina will be the home for the twenty-ninth NFL franchise.

The Lucky Start

Panthers start playing as the NFL 1995 expansion teams. Their uniform color is a combination of blue, black and silver. Just within two years of the team’s existence, they have successfully won in the division and become qualified to the 1996 season’s playoffs. They are the only NFL team that time that immediately gain such success. They were also able to successfully win in the seven games prior to that year.

Panther’s worst season

carolina panthers super bowl oddsCarolina Panthers were doomed to failure in the 2001 season of NFL. In general, 2001 has been the team’s worst year. They would have probably go down in the history for being the team with largest number of successive losses in the NFL record. They lose fifteen straight games and finished with 1-15 record.

But they successfully regain their status after two seasons, under John Fox, the head coach who successfully turn the odds into their favor. Panthers are able to finish the regular season with 11-5 record. After winning in the National Football Conference, the team continued to the playoffs. Afterwards they went on to participate in the Super Bowl and compete against New England Patriots, wherein they could have possible won.

Team records

Since Panthers began playing football, they have been into 3 Championship games of NFC. They won in 2003 season and lost in 2003 and 1996 season. Overall, they have won 6 division championships in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2008, 2003 and 1996. They are also the only team who successfully gain a back-to-back win in the NFC South, not to mention their total wins. They also successfully finished other games as runner-ups including in the NFC West.

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