New England Patriots

Patriots Super Bowl OddsWe all have a favorite football team that we look forward to watch even one of their games. With the many football teams across the globe, sometimes we tend to forget them and even interchange their names. One of the football teams that really sink in the memory of people is the New England Patriots.

For those who are not familiar with the New England Patriots, they are professional American football team based somewhere in Greater Boston. The team competed on the NFL or National Football League representing the American Football League. Usually, each football team would have its home game and this time, Gillette Stadium is the home game of the New England Patriots. The place is situated at Foxborough, Massachusetts of about 34 km in the south of Boston. Nearby, you would see the downtown of Rhode Island along with the other nearby provinces.

patriots super bowl betsOriginally, the Patriots belong to the American Football League but later on, it merged to the National Football League in 1970. From New England Patriots, they changed their name to Boston Patriots. The merging had a great effect to the team that it has become more influential and powerful. The name was changed after they relocated to Foxborough. They only played at their home game at the Foxborough stadium from 1971 until 2001. Then at the following year, they started playing at the Gillette Stadium for the reason. The game between the Boston Patriots and the New York Jets was considered that time the most interesting game and rivalries in the National Football League.

It was for about 8 times that the Patriots have played in the Super Bowl in the history of the NFL. Before they get to the Super Bowl XX, they were able to advance in the playoffs for about four times. In 1997, they again played during the Super Bowl XXXI but they lost the game to Green Bay Packers from the score of 35 – 21. The first time that they won in the Super Bowl Championship was in 2002 wherein they were able to defeat St. Louis Rams in a close game. The 2002 Super Bowl XXXVI was the Patriots first victory that they get to show to the whole world what they got.

patriots super bowl odds2Their popularity does not end there. In 2004, they again won at the Super Bowl Championship and defeated the Carolina Panthers. The following year, the victory again was in their favor when they won the Super Bowl XXXIX to Philadelphia Eagles in the score of 24 – 21. In 2008, they also appeared in the Super Bowl Championship but that wasn’t that much memorable for them. Then in 2012, they again lost to New York Giants that has been one of their strongest competitors during the National Football League. On their fourth victory, they won to Seattle Seahawks during the Super Bowl XLIX. They got the Vince Lombardi Trophy out of their victory.

At present, the Boston Patriot is becoming more and more influential. Their four victories at the NFL is a great treasure for them.

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