Denver Broncos: Hitting the Football History

sexy-denver-broncos-betsDenver Broncos has long history as one of the best teams in the National Football League back then. This American football team which was based in Denver, Colorado has amazed the world of football arena when they played the ‘Super Bowl’ six times where they won two of the Super Bowls in 97-98 football seasons. This well-known football team is members of West division of the AFC (American Football Conference) in National Football League. Denver Broncos come into the scene in 1960, wherein they played as the charter member of the AFL (American Football League) and were not very successful in the first decade of their professional football career. However, like most teams in the professional football, the team’s success is yet to be seen.

The team won the Boston Patriots 13-14 back in September 9 1960, which is the very first AFL game. Denver Broncos was the very first American Football League team to defeat a National Football League team on August 5, 1976 right after defeating the ‘Detroit’s Lion’ with a score of 13-7 in the pre-season football game. With amazing records of half a dozen AFC championships in 1977 to 1998, it is just imperative to say why many enthusiastic football fans eagerly snap Denver Broncos ticket whenever they have a game.

History and Highlights of Denver Bronco Franchise

denver-broncos-cheerleaders-boobsDenver Bronco AFL (American Football League) chapter was awarded to Bob Howsam (1959) who owns a minor baseball team and has built the 1940’s stadium for the Chicago Bears. And with limited funds, the first team took the field wearing old used uniforms and socks with vertical stripes. After two years, Jack Faulkner was brought in the scene to take the role as the head coach and the general manager at the same time. Under his supervision, he began the work of lifting the team out from laughing stock and brought it to a respected sports entity. He gave their much-ridiculed socks in the boot in public ceremony which in return gave their fans the opportunity to see them went up in flames. Though there’s no fortune coming to their way during the first decade of Denver Bronco’s franchise, they had reached the top of their success when they won the very first AFL game in August 1960 against Boston Patriots.

super-bowl-sports-bettingIt was back in 1965 that the team’s fortune took a turn for better when the decision of Atlanta to buy Broncos was stymied. In just a jiffy, it was Allan and Gerald Phipps who invested millions to purchase the stadium and the team. With this news, the excitement of fans was unprecedented, and they showed up their thanks by purchasing over 22,000 seasons ‘Denver Broncos’ tickets. In 1964, the not even 800 of the tickets has been purchased, which made the event even more staggering. The city of Denver took the ownership of the old ‘Bears’ stadium in 1968 and gave it a new name and changed it into Mile High.

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