Pittsburgh Steelers – Out of the Playoffs

pittsburgh-steelers-super-bowl-bettingWith 6 Super Bowl trophies in the trophy case, Pittsburgh Steelers has taken a solid claim at being one of the best and most world-renowned professional football franchises ever. Pittsburgh Steelers is a professional American football team that is based from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently, the team belongs to the AFL’s North Division of AFC in the National Football League. Founded in 1933, Pittsburgh Steelers is considered as one of the oldest franchise in the AFC. Steelers have many championships that are under their belt with 6 league championships, six Super Bowl championships and 18 division championships. The team was originally named after the National League of Pittsburgh’s baseball team.

In 1938, Byron White (the star runner), who was nicknamed as Whizzer referring to his capability, was added to the team. But despite of this new addition, the team only managed to win 2 victories. Originally named as ‘Pirates’, the team was renamed owing to their losses back in 1940. They only managed 3 record wins during 1942 to 1949. In contrast with the Pittsburgh status as perennial that runs in the pre-merger of NFL (with the record of minimum wins), Steelers of the post-merger (modern era) are the one which brought success to the NFL franchise. Pittsburgh Steelers are the first American football team who holds the record for four consecutive victories in the super bowl in the 70s where Coach Chuck Noll headed the team. They also started to acquire several star players to empower their team.

Troy Polamalu Super Bowl TackleTheir defense was named as ‘Steel Curtain’, particularly owning to their great defense abilities. Some of the star players during that time include Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Donnie Shell, Joe Greene, Mel Blount and White. They are the members of defense who are rated as the top for 3 straight seasons during 1974 to 1976. With their great members, Steelers has successfully won the 1974 and the 1975 seasons of payoffs, and also the following season of Super Bowl. After three years of electrifying match against their powerful rival ‘Cowboys’, Pittsburgh Steelers has successfully hit the victory with a score of 35-31 in the Super Bowl. Their victory was one of the most recognizable game in the football history for its strong lead after Bradshaw’s 4 touchdown passes in the match’s closing minutes.

The quarterback has made few touchdowns before the Pittsburgh recovered and marked victory. Their gain their 4th title again back in 1980 after they’ve defeated ‘Los Angeles Rams’, hitting the score of 31-19. It was under Noll’s coaching when the team took their last appearance in Super Bowl, who led Steelers into 2 more division titles in the 12th season that followed. Noll retired in 1991, yet gaining a career best of ‘209 victories’ which placed him in the 4th spot of NFL history. After the sad demise of Art Rooney (1988), who had owned the club for more than 50 years, his son Daniel Rooney took over the position of being the franchise president. And at that time, Bill Cowher who was a former linebacker of NFL was appointed to become the head coach of Pittsburgh Steelers in 1992.

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