Arizona Cardinals

cardinals arizona super bowl betsArizona Cardinals is founded in year 1898 as a charter member of NFL (National Football League) and is recognized as the oldest professional football team across the nation. The team is also called in varying names such as Chicago Cardinals, Louis Cardinals, Phoenix Cardinals, Racine Cardinals, and the Normal.

The team vaunts its colorful and interesting history. Everything started as a neighborhood group which assembled to play football in the South Side of Chicago. They started as Morgan Athletic Club and later on were called the Normals, after they were acquired by a decorating and painting contractor, Chris O’Brien.

The team acquired longstanding identification in 1901, when O’Brien purchased used faded maroon-colored jerseys from University of Chicago. But O’Brien declared the color as Cardinal Red and afterwards, their permanent nickname was born.

cardinals playoff betsThe jersey color and the field location have become the bases for the team new name- Racine Cardinals. But during that year, football competition in Chicago was exclusively for amateur. However, that opposition became gradually difficult to find. So in year 1906, the Racine Cardinals has been disbanded.

In 1913, the team was reorganized by O’Brien and in 1917 they were able to hire their own coach and purchase new uniform. During that year, they became the champion at their local football league. Their success, though, doesn’t last long because of the growing dilemma in United States and Europe. But in 1918, O’Brien reorganized the team once again. This starts their permanent status in the professional football arena in America.

The Racine Cardinals eventually become one of NFL’s forerunner league charter members. After becoming one of American Professional Football League charter member, O’Brien enticed a great halfback- the superior runner, authentic superstar, punter, clocker, and considered as the finest drop picker in football history, John Driscoll. He became the Cardinal’s head coach from 1921-22.

Arizona-Cardinals-super-bowl-oddsIn 1992, Wisconsin, a team from the Racine, joined the National Football league and prompt the Cardinals to convert their name into Chicago Cardinals. In the same year, the team moved into Comiskey Park wherein they shared the place with White Sox, a baseball team, for thirty seven years.

IN 1925, the team successfully gains their first win in NFL championship. During that time, Cardinal is under the care of wings of their new coach, Norman Barry. In 1929, the team was bought by Dr. David Jones, a Chicago physician and have been under the care of Ernie Nevers which successfully guide Cardinals into a composite record of 16-14-3 in three seasons. But Nevers retired in 1932.

arizona-super-bowlAfter Nevers retired, the Cardinals was bought by Charles W. Bidwill Sr. .The succeeding years have been quite difficult for the team. The team has been in St. Louis for 28 years. They have been also under the care of numerous different coaches. Within those years, the team experienced both the dawn of their victory as well as some loses.

In 1988, the Cardinals were moved to Arizona and the Sun Devil Stadium became their home. Their new home gave them a single-season and single game in their first years. From them on, they were called the Arizona Cardinals.

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