The 7 Best Online Sports Books for Betting the 2014 Super Bowl

For the last 8 years we’ve ranked the best online sports books for betting on the Super Bowl. This year’s winner should come as no surprise as it’s been our top ranked sports book for the past two years.

#1. Bovada – Created specifically for the US gambler, Bovada is our top rated sports books for customer service, software, website design, bonuses and wagers offered. (They offer 100’s of prop bets on the Super Bowl.) Established in 1995, few online casinos can compete with Bovada when it comes to offering a fun and hassle-free experience when betting on sports. We highly recommend them for all you Super Bowl betting needs. ACCEPTS US PLAYERS.

broncos-super-bowl-cheerleaders #2 BoDog – BoDog is in the same family of sports books as Bovada. Almost everything we’ve said about Bovada can also be said about BoDog except for one major difference. BoDog does not accept US players. This sports book is primarily focused on Europe and Canada, so if you live in either of those regions, we suggest you give BoDog a try. DOES NOT ACCEPT US PLAYERS.

seahawks-super-bowl-betting#3 Pinnacle Sports – Like Bovada, Pinnacle offers great security, customer service and software, but there are two main areas where they differ. First off Pinnacle does not accept US players, so if you live in America you cannot bet with them. Secondly Pinnacle doesn’t offer good deposit bonuses, but they make up for that with by offering the lowest bookmaking margins in the world. That’s right the lowest in the World! If you live outside the US, you should give them a try. DOES NOT ACCEPT US PLAYERS.

#4 William Hill – This is another excellent site for sports betting and probably the best one located in the UK. William Hill primarily caters to the European market and even trades on the London Stock Exchange. Unfortunately, they do not accept US players, but if you are located in the UK they are worth a look. DOES NOT ACCEPT US PLAYERS.

#5 Bet365 – One of the internet’s oldest sports books, Bet365 is a great place to bet on the Super Bowl, unless you live in the USA or France. DOES NOT ACCEPT US OR FRENCH PLAYERS.

denver-broncos-cheerleaders-boobs#6 Bookmaker – Strong financial and customer services ratings make Bookmaker one of our recommended sportsbooks. They also take US players, so if you’re looking for another option from Bovada, Bookmaker is it. ACCEPTS US PLAYERS.

#7 BetOnline – This sportsbook also accepts US players. They are well established, trust worthy and have good customer service. The only knock against them is that their software isn’t as nice as some other online sports books. That said, they are still a good sports book, and worthy of our recommendation. ACCEPTS US PLAYERS.

These are our top 7 recommended sports books for betting on the Super Bowl. There are a lot of sports books online, and it’s important to use one that you can trust. There is nothing worse than arguing with a site about a bet or winning a big bet and not knowing if you will ever see the money. We talk to the operators of these sites several times a year, so we know them well. They are the best in the business, and we have no problems recommending them.

If you use a sports book that we did not list here, we’re not saying that it is not a trust worthy site, we are simply saying that in our opinion, it’s not one of the best. There are plenty of decent sports books that did not make our list and many more bad sports books that did not make it either. If you are betting on the Super Bowl this year, we hope that you will do it with a sports book that you can trust.

Good Luck and enjoy the game.


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