Super Bowl 2014 – Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks

bet-seahawks-super-bowlCongratulations to both the Broncos and Seahawks for making it to the 2014 Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey. It was hard fought journey, and it’s not over yet. In less than two weeks these teams will face off again in the Super Bowl, and the winner will be the 2014 NFL Champion.

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The winner will get rings, a parade, a bigger pay check, endorsements and more. You can bet that the Super Bowl MVP will make a ton of money over the next year as advertisers hired him to promote their goods. I’m pretty sure the MVP still always gets a free trip to Disney World too.

Super Bowl MVP Odds are not out yet, but they will be soon. These are always on the of the earliest prop bets available. Speaking of prop bets, we’ll be providing a huge list of them in the next week, so be sure to keep checking out our site.

Denver Broncos v Dallas CowboysYesterday’s action saw the Denver Broncos bet the New England Patriots in 26-16. Peyton Manning had a good day. He threw for two touchdowns, one to Demaryius Thomas and the other to Jacob Tamme. Julius Thomas and Wes Welker also had a good day for the Broncos. Now they advance to the big game. I wonder how many Denver fans will be betting on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl. I imagine a lot will be.

russell-wilson-super-bowl-mvp-oddsThe Seattle Seahawks also bet the 49ers yesterday by a score of 23-17. Russell Wilson played well, throwing for 215 yards and one touchdown. He also protected the football by not throwing any interceptions. Marshawn Lynch is the Seahawks star running back, and he helped them win yesterday too. He ran for over 100 yards and scored a touchdown. Right now, if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, I would expect either Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch to win the Super Bowl MVP. Defensive players so rarely win the MVP, so if you like the Seahawks, I would bet on one of these two to win it.

Betting on the Super Bowl

What do you think is the main reason why more and more people find enjoyment betting millions of dollars just to watch Super Bowl annually? Yes, these people consider the game more exciting as they raise their bet, but the reality is that they have placed their 401Ks on the game’s outcome. They keep on betting on the result as long as the athletes are playing the sport. However, your bet on the Super Bowl will be easier when you know exactly what to do.

How to Make a Bet?

Here are some guidelines on how to make your bet a success:

1. Know the type of bet you want to make, most especially the bet against or for the spread. Technological advancements improve odds making as there are now many types of bets created every year. These innovations may include the props, odds, and futures. Take note of the odds makers as they estimate the points that certain team may attain for a win.

broncos-super-bowl-pony2. Place bet on casinos or online. Casinos these days are becoming modern in a since that most of them have big rooms equipped with television sets and odds allowing you to bet. Another option is to bet virtually through online casinos. One great advantage of this is the use of credit card when betting instead of paying cash.

3. Get information on the latest point spread. This is actually one of the exciting parts of the bet since the spread drives the move upward until the kickoff.

4. Make your own side bets. Be wise and bet for a significant on the other stakes besides piling dough on the spread. This may ask you to know possible odds of the game.

5. Figure out your capacity to spare resources way ahead of time. As its name implies, Super Bet is a necessity in Super Bowl. Betting here is quite expensive that you need to account your cash or credit line to make sure you will not run out of money to spare.

6. Ask for the number of your friend’s bookie. This will be a huge help should you lack knowledge on the Super Bowl rules and regulations that the bookie may impart to you.

7. Be with friends. It is more fun and exciting when you bet with your friends while watching the game either live or just on television.

super-bowl-2014-XLVIIIBear in mind that the bettors of 2014 Super Bowl are now checking for the leading odds for the round on the division level. In fact, talks right now center on the teams with the best talent and momentum to compete. This is the factor looked into by bettors in placing their wagers. And for this season, the teams on competition include the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. The hype surrounding the season right now is attributable to the fact that the Super Bowl is the biggest sports event for betting in the world.

Good Luck!

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