Betting on the 2014 Super Bowl, updated odds and props

Odds to win the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIIIcarolina-panthers-cheerleaders
Seattle Seahawks 11/4
Denver Broncos 11/4
San Francisco 49ers 7/1
New England Patriots 9/1
Carolina Panthers 10/1
Green Bay Packers 14/1
Cincinnati Bengals 16/1
Philadelphia Eagles 16/1
New Orleans Saints 22/1
Kansas City Chiefs 25/1
Indianapolis Colts 28/1
San Diego Chargers 40/1

For the last two weeks Seattle was the favorite to win the Super Bowl. Now the Broncos and the Seahawks are tied as the favorites with the lowest odds at 11/4. They’re followed by San Fran at 7/1, the Pats at 9/1 and Cam Newton and the Panthers at 10/1.

Odds to win the 2014 AFC Conference
Denver Broncos 5/7
New England Patriots 7/2
Cincinnati Bengals 7/1
Indianapolis Colts 14/1
Kansas City Chiefs 14/1
San Diego Chargers 18/1

As expected Denver and New England are the favorites here. I think there is value in the Chiefs, but they do play on the road…

Odds to win the 2014 NFC Conference
Seattle Seahawks 10/11
Carolina Panthers 5/1
San Francisco 49ers 5/1
Green Bay Packers 8/1
Philadelphia Eagles 9/1
New Orleans Saints 14/1

The Seahawks and the Panthers are at the top… At 14/1 the Saints might not be a bad bat.

Exact Super Bowl Matchup
Cincinnati Bengals vs Carolina Panthers 40/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs Green Bay Packers 66/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs New Orleans Saints 100/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs Philadelphia Eagles 75/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs San Francisco 49ers 40/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs Seattle Seahawks 14/1
Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers 9/1
Denver Broncos vs Green Bay Packers 12/1
Denver Broncos vs New Orleans Saints 22/1
Denver Broncos vs Philadelphia Eagles 16/1
Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ers 9/1
Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks 9/4
Indianapolis Colts vs Carolina Panthers 75/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Green Bay Packers 100/1
Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints 175/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Philadelphia Eagles 100/1
Indianapolis Colts vs San Francisco 49ers 75/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks 25/1
Kansas City Chiefs vs Carolina Panthers 75/1
Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers 100/1
Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints 175/1
Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles 150/1
Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers 75/1
Kansas City Chiefs vs Seattle Seahawks 25/1
New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers 25/1
New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers 33/1
New England Patriots vs New Orleans Saints 66/1
New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles 40/1
New England Patriots vs San Francisco 49ers 25/1
New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks 15/2
San Diego Chargers vs Carolina Panthers 100/1
San Diego Chargers vs Green Bay Packers 150/1
San Diego Chargers vs New Orleans Saints 200/1
San Diego Chargers vs Philadelphia Eagles 150/1
San Diego Chargers vs San Francisco 49ers 100/1
San Diego Chargers vs Seattle Seahawks 33/1

If you wanted to bet a long shot, the match up with the biggest odds is the San Diego Chargers vs New Orleans Saints at 200/1. I doubt it will win, but you could make a killing on it if it came out that way and you bet it.

AFC +2½ (-105)
NFC -2½ (-115)

Betting on the Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is full of excitement and wonder as you watch two of the best teams in the game go against each other. You are going to experience their victory and their loss, and you are going to become invested in every movement made. For some people, this is truer than it is for others. If you are making bets on the game or parts of the event, you are going to be investing financially into the outcome. By doing this can win you a lot of money as well as it may leave you with very little. It is all about how much you know and what the odds are. Use the information out there to your advantage to earn a lot of cash.

New-England-Patriots-CheerleadersOf course, most of the attention for bets is going to be on the game itself. You are betting on which team will win or the scores for the game, or anything else that might happen between the teams. To bet, though, you are going to need to know the Super Bowl odds. Understanding the odds is vital in order to make profitable, successful bets. It is not difficult to learn about the Super Bowl odds, but you do have to look over everything thoroughly. This is especially important when making large bets.

You can also make Super Bowl prop bets, however. These are bets on various other things, mostly the half time show. How will the performer look, what will happen, what weirdness will ensue, or what problems will there be. These bets are usually for fun and are rather simple, but there may still be a lot of money on the line. When making these bets, you need to consider a few things, like common sense and most likely scenarios. Some of the Super Bowl prop bets can be rather strange, and very unlikely to ever happen. Make sure that you use good judgment here since that is all that you have on your side.

Whether you are making Super Bowl prop bets or bets on the actual game, you have to inform yourself. Information is key when trying to profit here, especially with the game and the teams. You have to know the teams’ records, the current status of the players, and the odds with each of them. Knowing more will help you to make informed, accurate bets that are more likely to pay off.

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