History of official NFL Jerseys

During 1920s, professional baseball was given top priority in America. However, the increasing popularity of NFL as a sport forced the government to give top priority towards it. NFL can be considered as one of the most popular sports in America and it is being viewed and observed by millions of fans throughout the country.

NFL JerseysNational Football League, which is also known as NFL has created its own legacy during the past 90 years. This sport helps in building strong and countless relations between family members who have a common interest in playing the same game or friends who enjoy playing football in their parking lots. Many experts predict that NFL will continue to be the most admired and loved sport by people across America as a result of that.

As I mentioned earlier, NFL fans are everywhere and they show their support and love towards their favorite player or team by wearing a NFL jersey. Therefore, NFL jerseys have a huge demand in the market.  From the researches, it has been identified that NFL fans spend millions of dollars every year to purchase NFL jerseys. They purchase the jerseys not only to wear them. NFL fans are interested in collecting these jerseys and keeping them as souvenirs. Companies that manufacture these jerseys invest a lot on jerseys and other accessories as a result of that.

In the present world, football players do not need to wear padded leather helmets to protect themselves from injuries. It is because people have figured out new techniques that can keep the players away from these injuries. Along with that, they have been making several changes in the jerseys to make them look fashionable and stylish. However, we can even see football lovers who wear old fashioned NFL jerseys. The main reason why they wear these old fashioned jerseys is to cheer their favorite players and boost their confidence when they need it the most. Players can show their true harmony towards the team or players from wearing these old fashioned NFL jerseys along with new ones.

Peyton_Manning_Denver_Broncos_JerseyIn the year 1986, a NFL team named Denver Broncos had a unique dress code, which was named as the orange crush uniform. These uniforms were made out of blue and orange color schemes. Many professional players wore these orange crush uniforms for many championship tournaments. However, they made some changes to the uniform in 1996 and included some basics colors to it. The Denver Broncos much attention from NFL lovers because of their interesting jerseys. You can even see fans wearing those orange colored jerseys in the present world. All the interested fans can easily purchase any type of NFL jersey from the market and show their love towards the favorite team and players.

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The Dallas Cowboys – America’s Team

American football is a game that originated in the 1960s in the United States of America, heavily drawing from its famous counterpart Rugby Football. It is a game played between two sets of players, with eleven members each. Over the years, American Football has come to become one of the most popular sports in the United States.

dallas_cowboys_cheerleaderThe National Football League or the NFL, for short is the American league that conducts various championships, including the Superbowl. It consists of 32 teams in all. Often hailed as one of the richest teams in league, the Dallas Cowboys belong to the Eastern Division of the National Football league. MLB, NBA, and the NHL are the other three leagues that form the bigger league of American Football in the United States. Not only is the team worth billions if they sell-out, but they also generate millions in revenue for the league. Post the 1950s, there had been no representation from the South of Washington in the football league. This void was filled up by the joining of the Dallas Cowboys who joined the National Football League in the year 1960 and are currently based out of Texas.

The Dallas Cowboys have an attractive team logo. The logo consists of a single dark blue-coloured star that shines forth amidst a backdrop of grey and blue. The star is embossed on an image of the helmet that is used while playing this sport. Though in its initial years, it underwent major modifications, it has remained in its current form since 1964. The uniforms of the Dallas Cowboys are also a shade of silver-blue. The lettering on the jerseys is in white. The single-star logo is stitched on to the sleeves of the shirt. The helmets that accompany their costume are also blue in colour, with a vertical stripe that runs across the centre of the headpiece. The team’s mascot is named Rowdy, whose smiling countenance is always dressed in the team’s favourite colours of blue and white.

dallas-cowboys-super-bowl-betsThe Dallas Cowboys play tournaments at various stadiums and at across different venues in the country. The Cotton Bowl stadium located in Fair Park, Texas, the Texas stadium located in Irving, Texas and the AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas are some of the stadiums in which they are often played. The home stadium of the Dallas Cowboys, however is the AT&T stadium in Texas. They train in various venues across the United States of America. Some of the training camp sites are Oregon, Minnesota, Michigan, California and Texas and the venues keep changing every year.

The group is famous for its long-standing rivalries among various other close contenders. The Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys are famous for their rivalry that according to some sources, developed even before the teams came into existence. The disagreement was based on the animosity between their team owners. If the rivalry with the Washington Redskins developed in the early 1960s, the Philadelphia Eagles rose to greater ranks of rivalry in the latter half of 1970s. Their relationship is known for on-field rivalry. The rivalry with Pittsburgh Steelers, on the other hand can be traced back to the 1960s. Their rivalry often stems from their unmatched ideologies and ways of playing the game. The New York Giants’s rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys also draws from the past. Through the tournaments in 1960s, the Giants overtook the Cowboys, but the 2007 season is a memorable one as it saw the Giants stealing the show with their impressive performance and victory. A more recent, but still persisting rivalry is of the Cowboys is with the San Franciso 49ers. Starting from the tournaments of the 1970s, it peaked during the 1992-1994 seasons.

DallasCowboysOddsWith a great online presence, the Dallas Cowboys team has an official website, where one can find every bit of information about the team, the venues, the schedules, the scores and the like. One can easily book tickets by simply logging in to their website and choosing the tickets as per your choice and plan. A three-dimensional, interactive map of the venue is provided to help the fans easily navigate their way through the breathtakingly-huge stadium. A collection of blogs that constantly update themselves about the various schedules of the Dallas Cowboys are also present in the form of links on the website. It is a treasure trove of information for fans who are eager and enthusiastic to catch every moment of action. Current affairs and news articles that are bubbling up every day are captured on the website. The Dallas Cowboys are also active on various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Foursquare. With constant updates, they have built a huge fan base via their unhindered online existence. The steps taken by their media management team ensure the faithful and whole-hearted participation by the fan clubs and the larger community. Shopping option is also present on the website, wherein customers can shop for team merchandise.

Dallas-Cowboys-Super-Bowl-OddsThe current team of the Dallas Cowboys consists of at least forty members, who alternate between various tournaments and matches. While some of them are active members, many of them are kept on reserve for future. Jason Garret is the current head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. The eighth head coach till date, he has been in this position since 2011. An interesting bit of information about Garrett is that he was the first ex Dallas cowboy player who went on to take up the coachman-ship of the team. Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones Junior and Charlotte Jones Anderson are the current executive board members. The team also boasts of a horde of other offensive, defensive and speciality coaches.

Not only this, the Dallas Cowboys also boasts of a bevy of beauties in the form of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. With an amazing history and a great website dedicated to their recruitment, these cheer girls are again dressed in shades of white and blue and help to boost the morale of the performers.


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The New England Patriots – Always a Favorite to Win the Super Bowl

Easily one of the best sports franchises to ever exist. The New England Patriots have delivered time and time again, winning Super Bowl’s and taking division championships is the normal routine of the New England team that is loved by many and hated by some.

New-England-Patriots-CheerleadersWhether you are a fan of the Patriot or not, you can’t deny that some of the best players ever to participate in the NFL have graced the likes of the Patriots. Many of the best teams have been seen on the Pats, and there are plenty of good reasons why they have been to the Super Bowl so many times and won three of them.

In total the Patriots have been to the Super Bowl seven times, and it was really in the early two thousands that we saw the New England team play for their crown achievements. The 2001, 2002, and 2004 years gave them their three championship rings, and really showed the Country what the hard hitting team was capable of.

Tom-Brady-Super-Bowl-MVPIt could be due to the likes of great players like the start quarter back Tom Brady, the wide receiver David Patten, or the tight end Jermaine Wiggins. There really have been some of the best players ever to wear a ring in the history of the sport on New England’s winning teams. The best part is that the Patriots deserved those wins, they played their hearts out and after suffering so many close attempts at winning the championship in the history of the franchise, and they finally were able to pull it off. And I don’t know about you, but I love seeing so called underdogs win, and in the case of the Pats, they never quite made it until those fate full championships that gave them their highest honors.

I guess for those of you who are not fans of New England, you could care less, but I still say it’s important to give respect where it’s due, and it’s definitely due to this hard playing team that took the sport by storm for a good number of years there.

new-england-patriots-super-bowl-oddsFor those of who don’t know anything about the Patriots, I guess we could give a little history on the Eastern team. The Patriots became a professional sports franchise back in 1960, and were originally known as the Boston Patriots and part of the AFL. The New England team came about when the two previous leagues combined into one to form the NFL, and they only played as the Boston Pats, for a decade before being renamed the New England Patriots in 1971.

Since the team was established they have had their ups and downs as most teams do. They have seen some of the greatest players ever to step foot on the field, and had a relatively slow start in regards to success as they only hit the play offs four times in the first fifteen years before finally making it all the way to the Super Bowl in 1986 only to lose to the then unstoppable Chicago Bears, which isn’t something to be looked down upon as the 86 Bears were one of the most ruthless Football teams ever to live.

bill-belichickIt wasn’t until the recent arrival of head coach Bill Belichick that the Patriots became what can be argued to be the most successful team in NFL history. They have had the third most appearances in the Super Bowl by playing in the championship seven times, the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers have both been 8. However in the last 25 years the New England Patriots have competed for the championship wring more times than any team making them one of the most successful teams in history.  Five of those Super Bowl appearances have been since the turn of the century. This is why I say that I give respect where respect is due, and in the case of the New England Patriots, respect has been earned and is due.

And when you talk about numbers some of the players that have graced the Pats have numbers that seem almost unreal, in some instances looking at yardage is more like looking at the odometer on a car. Take Tom Brady for example that has passed for more than 44,800 yards since the year 2000. And older players like Sam Cunningham that rushed for 5,453 yards from 1973-1982. Stanley Morgan who gained 10,352 yards in receiving, and the great Bill Belicheck. Since Belicheck has become coach of the Patriots in 2000 the New England franchise has won 187 games in the NFL. These stats speak for themselves, and the Patriots are easily classified as one of the most successful teams that the sport has ever seen.

As I said before, whatever you think of the Patriots, there is no denying that they are a BadAss team who is one to be reckoned with. And I can almost guarantee that they have by no means worn out their Super Bowl welcome.

For those of you who are Jets fans, then you already know the long lasting and ever escalating rivalry between the two North Eastern teams. Since both of the teams start in 1960, they have played each other at least twice a year, and have become one of the greatest rivalries in the era of modern sports. There is nothing better than watching these two titans duke it out on the field. All in all the Patriots deserve a standing ovation for their tremendous performances for the fans of the game, and are sure to bring plenty more magic in the years to come.


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The Wonderful San Francisco 49ers

Whether you’re a fan or not, there is no denying that the Niners are one of the most popular Football franchises of all times, and have had some of the greatest players ever to grace their ranks. I myself am a true Niners fan; my entire family is, so you will never hear anything but good stuff about the Bays hometown heroes

49ers super bowl trophiesFor those of you who don’t know much about the San Francisco 49ers, the franchise was first formed in 1946. And since then, the team has seen some of the most amazing wins in the history of the entire sport. The Niners have gone on to win five Super Bowl Championships. Four of these championships were won during the eighties with one of the most legendary teams of all time.

The players that I speak of were led by one of the most successful quarter backs of all time – this is of course Joe Montana. There was something about watching this team in action, from the wild and wonderful passes of Joe, to the spectacular capabilities of other greats such as Jerry Rice. Rice is easily considered one of the best wide receivers of all time. To add to this powerful starting lineup we also have to mention Roger Craig, who was easily one of the hardest hitting running backs of all times. And who can forget the likes of Ronnie Lott, one of the best cornerbacks in the years of 1981-1985, safety to 1985-1990, and free safety in 1990.

SteveYoung49ersThese players are just a handful of what arguably composed the best Football team in history. They had what can only be described as the magic touch, and even though there may be other players who have had better stats than some of these guys, there was a fluent motion in the way that these Super Bowl champions moved and worked together as one in order to carry them over all obstacles, and against insurmountable odds.

When talking about the 49ers there are other players and teams who have to be mentioned. Steve Young for example was one of the toughest quarterbacks to ever live. Suffering concussion after concussion, he never seemed to be affected and always pushed onward. It wasn’t uncommon to see Young running the ball for massive yards and often touchdowns. In many instances Steve Young would end up with more yards in rushing than the actual running backs would have accumulated in total. It was always a site to behold the small framed quarterback running the ball down field completely oblivious and unafraid of the dangerous tackles that most quarterbacks would shy from.

sexy 49ers girlYoung was just one of many amazing players who helped carry the Niners to the ninety four Super Bowl and take the championship. Some of the other awesome players who are of note to mentions, were Ricky Waters who was as quick and effective as a running back could be. Of course Jerry Rice was still on board helping to carry the 49ers to yet another championship, the only difference being with the help of Steve Young instead of Joe Montana. Bryant Young and Ken Norton were also two of the great players off of the 1994 49ers.

The San Francisco franchise has seen some of the best players in the history of the NFL. The 49ers are currently the third ranked team for the most Super Bowl Championships with a record of 5 wins and 1 loss. Making for one of the most successful teams in history and showing the world what is really possible when the right mindset is achieved.

colin-kaepernick-49ers-quarterbackIn the recent years the 49ers have still been holding their own, and have been making it to the playoffs even though there have not been Super Bowl Wins in these years. The new starting lineup is led by Colin Kaepernick as quarterback, NaVorro Bowman as linebacker, Michael Crabtree as wide receiver, Frank Gore as running back, and Anquan Boldin as wide receiver. Though this team has yet to make it to the Super Bowl, there is always hope, and it can be said that they have some of the largest shoes to fill.

The City by the Bay is home to one of the most beloved sports teams in American history, and as such the fans are some of the most wild and dedicated the world over. The teams long lived home, Candlestick Park has been retired, and the 49ers now call Levis Stadium home. The stadium, found in Santa Clara, is said to be finished in time for the 2014 football season. The once glorious Candlestick, which sits right on San Francisco Bay has become dilapidated in the recent years. And although the fans will miss their old home, a new beginning is here for the California favorites.

The 49ers are true local heroes in the Bay Area, and are in constant rivalry with the other local franchise the Oakland Raiders. Hopefully though, the new season will prove to be the next charge to the Super Bowl. Many fans of the 49ers are hoping to see the new stadium give a new found energy and drive that will carry the team through the season and over any obstacle which surface. As far as this fan is concerned, 2014 is going to be the year that the San Francisco 49ers have their cake and eat it to.

san fran 49ers

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XL VII Super Bowl Champions the Seattle Seahawks

For those of you who missed the last Super Bowl, it was a crushing defeat by the North West Champions the Seattle Seahawks. I can’t even remember the last time I saw such a smashing victory; the Denver Broncos couldn’t play that day to save their life.

super-bowl-2014-XLVIIII’m pretty sure it had something to do with the Seahawks extremely aggressive and powerful defensive line. Denver kept right on trying but the Hawks wouldn’t have it, it really was a site to behold. And as the game went on the Seahawks had no problem scoring, it was pretty clear from the first minute of the game which way the tides would go as the Hawks scored a safety immediately after kick off.

The Seahawks showed us this year just what they were capable of as they gave Denver a beating that will keep them sore for years to come. For those of you who didn’t know this is only the second time the Seahawks have played in the Super Bowl, and the first time they have taken the championship.

seahawks-super-bowl-bettingThis is truly the greatest moment in the North Wests franchise history. The last time Seattle played in the Super Bowl, they played against the Steelers and lost 21-10. It’s hard to believe as this last Super Bowl was won by a tremendous score of 43-8 against the Denver Broncos. Truly amazing on every level, I’ve never witnessed anything like this in my life, and being a former resident of Seattle I’ve got say it made me smile even though my family was going against it.

The offensive line was just as much a part of the win obviously as Denver could do nothing but sit back and watch as pass after pass, and run after run pushed Seattle ever closer to victory during the game. One of the highlights for me was when Percy Harvin ran back a more than 80 yard kick-off return for a touchdown while the Seahawks were already at a whopping lead of 29-0.

For those of you who saw the beating you know how it all went down, fast and hard. And for those of you who missed a game and love the Seahawks, or can’t stand Denver, I suggest you check out the replay or at least a highlights tape… You will be blown away by the crushing defeat the Seahawks claimed over the Denver Broncos.

Seattle is already favored to win next year’s title, and with the season they had in 2013, I wouldn’t bet against them. Would you?

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The Super Bowl And The Sidelined Fan

The Super Bowl is an exciting game that answers the question, “Who was the best football team this year?” Giant men go head to head and spend four quarters knocking each other down, over a small inflated pig skin ball. Most people would say that there is more to it than that, that the game of football itself is exciting and that the structure, the history, the idea of football is universally appealing. They would be wrong. The NFL Super Bowl is fascinating, but what is it to those that don’t follow football? They exist, these people that have no interest in the game, and they still watch it. Why? What do they take away from it?

super-bowl-2014-XLVIII Sports websites show that the largest group watching the Super Bowl every year consists of Caucasian males ages 35 to 49. What they don’t show is that these guys are only the largest group by a few percentage points. Almost just as numerous are the ladies watching the game. They make up half of the fans in front of the tube, give or take a few percent. In fact, watching and following football has become a common habit for the girls over the last several decades. Women are not only watching but keeping track of their favorite players and their statistics more than ever. Advertisers and manufacturers have taking notice. New lines of team specific sporting apparel are being marketed to women all over the country.

Who else is watching? That is what makes the game so interesting. Ask someone if they like football. If their answer is “no,” ask them if they are watching the Super Bowl. The majority of them will answer, “yes.” So, if they don’t like the game why watch the show? Some do it for the love. Many times a person that doesn’t follow sports will attend just because their spouse does. On occasion, the response to the question why is simple. They have a day off and wherever they go the game is on, so the question becomes, why not? Putting aside the passive aggressive reasons for watching leaves even more questions.

Happy-MoneyHow can advertisers prepare for the guy or girl that only watches because their significant other does? Do these non-fans make tracking Super Bowl watchers a pointless exercise? Honestly, how can an advertiser rely on data that shows someone is watching when they don’t know their motivation for doing so? The fact is, they don’t.

Advertisers have been aware of the Super “fan” and their presence since the inception of the Super Bowl. It began with the little lady in the kitchen preparing a sideboard of snacks for the men watching the game. After the snacks were distributed and the frosty mugs filled, she became the woman that joined the group and asked questions about the game. The clever salesman wove ads for that woman in to the content intended for her husband, right?

Eventually, ads targeting other races and age groups were filtered in. However, ads alone cannot hold ones attention on that which they just aren’t interested in. Don’t you get it yet? Most people don’t realize, television ads aired during the breaks in the game were never for Johnny Paycheck. They were actually for Jane Checkbook. Think about watching the game with family. The play ends and the commercial begins. The fans don’t pay attention to the commercials. They discuss the last play, the referee and whatever boneheaded call he should be publicly flogged for. Who watches the commercial? The “fan.” The person, male or female, that is just there for the dip or the companionship is soaking up the subliminal marketing messages like a good little consumer. Still, advertisement enough is not sufficient motivation to keep the reluctant game watchers interested.

The Super Bowl has gone from just another Sunday game to the highlight of the season based, not just on advertising, but the spectacle, the halftime show. Football fans line up to enjoy the entertainment that has been lined up for them. Silly football fans. The entertainment you seek is actually earmarked for your friends. It keeps them watching, is actually intended to make them look forward to doing so. It brings them into the process and cements their participation so they keep coming back every year. They don’t have to watch, but they must see the halftime show, so they pull up a chair and count down the seconds until the real spectacular. They sit doing something that few can accomplish, being both literally, and figuratively on the sidelines until the break between halves of the biggest game of the year.

seahawks-win-super-bowl-oddsOf course, times have changed. Now Johnny and Jane have the same surname, Paycheck-Checkbook, as they both have to work to support the modern family. Financial decisions are shared between both parties like never before. Both parties are likely to enjoy a lively discussion about which team is the best with a full understanding of all statistics involved. The gender gap in the world of fans has all but been eliminated. Advertisement reflects this, providing a wide range of Super expensive ads geared toward every facet of the population. Years later the Super Bowl has become a family event. It has evolved into a fandom, a national holiday no longer just for those that believe in the magic of the holiday or the Super Bowl Fairy. They are the Ebeneezer Boobtubers that don’t see the shiny allure of this particular holiday but show up for the food. They keep coming back every year, and are welcomed to do so by the teams and advertisers hoping to convert them into true fans of the game.

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The 7 Best Online Sports Books for Betting the 2014 Super Bowl

For the last 8 years we’ve ranked the best online sports books for betting on the Super Bowl. This year’s winner should come as no surprise as it’s been our top ranked sports book for the past two years.

#1. Bovada – Created specifically for the US gambler, Bovada is our top rated sports books for customer service, software, website design, bonuses and wagers offered. (They offer 100′s of prop bets on the Super Bowl.) Established in 1995, few online casinos can compete with Bovada when it comes to offering a fun and hassle-free experience when betting on sports. We highly recommend them for all you Super Bowl betting needs. ACCEPTS US PLAYERS.

broncos-super-bowl-cheerleaders #2 BoDog – BoDog is in the same family of sports books as Bovada. Almost everything we’ve said about Bovada can also be said about BoDog except for one major difference. BoDog does not accept US players. This sports book is primarily focused on Europe and Canada, so if you live in either of those regions, we suggest you give BoDog a try. DOES NOT ACCEPT US PLAYERS.

seahawks-super-bowl-betting#3 Pinnacle Sports – Like Bovada, Pinnacle offers great security, customer service and software, but there are two main areas where they differ. First off Pinnacle does not accept US players, so if you live in America you cannot bet with them. Secondly Pinnacle doesn’t offer good deposit bonuses, but they make up for that with by offering the lowest bookmaking margins in the world. That’s right the lowest in the World! If you live outside the US, you should give them a try. DOES NOT ACCEPT US PLAYERS.

#4 William Hill – This is another excellent site for sports betting and probably the best one located in the UK. William Hill primarily caters to the European market and even trades on the London Stock Exchange. Unfortunately, they do not accept US players, but if you are located in the UK they are worth a look. DOES NOT ACCEPT US PLAYERS.

#5 Bet365 – One of the internet’s oldest sports books, Bet365 is a great place to bet on the Super Bowl, unless you live in the USA or France. DOES NOT ACCEPT US OR FRENCH PLAYERS.

denver-broncos-cheerleaders-boobs#6 Bookmaker – Strong financial and customer services ratings make Bookmaker one of our recommended sportsbooks. They also take US players, so if you’re looking for another option from Bovada, Bookmaker is it. ACCEPTS US PLAYERS.

#7 BetOnline – This sportsbook also accepts US players. They are well established, trust worthy and have good customer service. The only knock against them is that their software isn’t as nice as some other online sports books. That said, they are still a good sports book, and worthy of our recommendation. ACCEPTS US PLAYERS.

These are our top 7 recommended sports books for betting on the Super Bowl. There are a lot of sports books online, and it’s important to use one that you can trust. There is nothing worse than arguing with a site about a bet or winning a big bet and not knowing if you will ever see the money. We talk to the operators of these sites several times a year, so we know them well. They are the best in the business, and we have no problems recommending them.

If you use a sports book that we did not list here, we’re not saying that it is not a trust worthy site, we are simply saying that in our opinion, it’s not one of the best. There are plenty of decent sports books that did not make our list and many more bad sports books that did not make it either. If you are betting on the Super Bowl this year, we hope that you will do it with a sports book that you can trust.

Good Luck and enjoy the game.


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Super Bowl Point Spread – Broncos favored over Seahawks as bets flow in

The Seattle Seahawks had been the favorite to win the Super Bowl for over a month, but that changed yesterday. After the Denver Broncos and Seahawks won yesterday, Las Vegas opened its Super Bowl betting with Seattle as the favorite, and the bets poured in on Denver.

*** If you’re looking for a place to bet the Super Bowl online, check out our list of the top online sports books to bet the 2014 Super Bowl. ***

Within a half hour of heavy betting the Broncos became the favorite to win the Super Bowl. So how exactly did that happen?

sexy_denver_broncos_cheerleadersWhen the line opened the were Seahawks favored by 1.5 points, and Las Vegas was immediately surprised by a lot of money being bet on the Broncos. So much was bet that they had to start adjusting the spread so that people would start betting on the Seahawks. They first moved the spread to even (meaning that neither team was favored). Then to Denver -1 and eventually to the Broncos -2 where is currently stands today.

The current Super Bowl odds are:

Team Line/Spread Over/Under Over/Under Odds
Seattle Seahawks +2 (-110) 47½ (-110)o
Denver Broncos -2 (-110) (-110)u

It’s interesting that the line moved this much, especially for such a large game. One online sports book manager theorized that people were waiting to see how the spread opened, and if they liked the underdog, they were going to bet it immediately. So everyone who thinks the Broncos will win the Super Bowl, bet the spread immediately, and this caused it to move. Meanwhile everyone who wants to bet on the Seahawks with the spread didn’t bet yet, because the Seahawks were favored and they were waiting (and hoping) for a spread move so that they could bet their team as an underdog.

The total (or over/under) also moved from it’s opening. Different Las Vegas casinos opened the over/under at different amounts. The Las Vegas Hilton (which tends to be one of the sharpest sports books) open the over/under at 47 points, and it was bet up to 47.5 points within a half hour. The Wynn Casino opened the total at 48.5 points and has since lowered it to 47.5.

So what does all this line movement mean?

Seattle-Seahawks-Sexy-SeagalsWell the Las Vegas and online sports books think that the Seahawks should be favored. They think they should be favored by 1.5 points, yet right now you can bet them at a few online sports book as 2.5 point underdogs. This is a 4 point swing, so if you want to bet on the Seahawks, these are great odds for you.

If you wanted to bet on the Broncos in the Super Bowl, unfortunately it looks like you’ve missed your best chance to do so. The best spread for you was when it first opened, and we won’t see the Broncos as an underdog again.

What about the money line?

broncos-super-bowl-spreadYou can still be on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl on the money line. You’ll have to pay a little more, but you won’t have to worry about the points.

In fact, the money line bet could be good for Seahawk bettors as well. If you think Seattle will win the game, you can bet them on the money line, and win more money than you would if you bet them with the spread.

The current money line has the Seahawks as +115 and the Broncos as -135.

How to bet on the Super Bowl?

This very question drives a lot of people to our site every year, and it’s the make reason that we created this site. There are a lot of place you can bet on the Super Bowl. Probably the most well known in Las Vegas, but you can also bet the game in most of Europe and several other places throughout the world.

seahawks-win-super-bowl-oddsMost people can’t get to Vegas or other places where sports betting is legal, so they either turn to bookies or online sports books. Bookies are never a good, safe option so we can’t recommend them here. What we do recommend is betting with a safe and well known online sports book.

Every year we rank our top online sports books for betting on the Super Bowl, and we’ll be publishing this year’s ranking very soon. We’ll also start updating our Super Bowl Prop Bets page soon, and we’ll be adding an FAQ this year to help people understand the different types of bets that they could make on the Super Bowl and the NFL in general.

It’s going to be an exciting two weeks for us here at Bet the NFL Super Bowl. We’re really looking forward to the big game, and we hope that you are too. Good Luck!

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Super Bowl 2014 – Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks

bet-seahawks-super-bowlCongratulations to both the Broncos and Seahawks for making it to the 2014 Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey. It was hard fought journey, and it’s not over yet. In less than two weeks these teams will face off again in the Super Bowl, and the winner will be the 2014 NFL Champion.

***Looking to bet on the Super Bowl? Check out our list of the best online sports books for Super Bowl betting.***

The winner will get rings, a parade, a bigger pay check, endorsements and more. You can bet that the Super Bowl MVP will make a ton of money over the next year as advertisers hired him to promote their goods. I’m pretty sure the MVP still always gets a free trip to Disney World too.

Super Bowl MVP Odds are not out yet, but they will be soon. These are always on the of the earliest prop bets available. Speaking of prop bets, we’ll be providing a huge list of them in the next week, so be sure to keep checking out our site.

Denver Broncos v Dallas CowboysYesterday’s action saw the Denver Broncos bet the New England Patriots in 26-16. Peyton Manning had a good day. He threw for two touchdowns, one to Demaryius Thomas and the other to Jacob Tamme. Julius Thomas and Wes Welker also had a good day for the Broncos. Now they advance to the big game. I wonder how many Denver fans will be betting on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl. I imagine a lot will be.

russell-wilson-super-bowl-mvp-oddsThe Seattle Seahawks also bet the 49ers yesterday by a score of 23-17. Russell Wilson played well, throwing for 215 yards and one touchdown. He also protected the football by not throwing any interceptions. Marshawn Lynch is the Seahawks star running back, and he helped them win yesterday too. He ran for over 100 yards and scored a touchdown. Right now, if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, I would expect either Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch to win the Super Bowl MVP. Defensive players so rarely win the MVP, so if you like the Seahawks, I would bet on one of these two to win it.

Betting on the Super Bowl

What do you think is the main reason why more and more people find enjoyment betting millions of dollars just to watch Super Bowl annually? Yes, these people consider the game more exciting as they raise their bet, but the reality is that they have placed their 401Ks on the game’s outcome. They keep on betting on the result as long as the athletes are playing the sport. However, your bet on the Super Bowl will be easier when you know exactly what to do.

How to Make a Bet?

Here are some guidelines on how to make your bet a success:

1. Know the type of bet you want to make, most especially the bet against or for the spread. Technological advancements improve odds making as there are now many types of bets created every year. These innovations may include the props, odds, and futures. Take note of the odds makers as they estimate the points that certain team may attain for a win.

broncos-super-bowl-pony2. Place bet on casinos or online. Casinos these days are becoming modern in a since that most of them have big rooms equipped with television sets and odds allowing you to bet. Another option is to bet virtually through online casinos. One great advantage of this is the use of credit card when betting instead of paying cash.

3. Get information on the latest point spread. This is actually one of the exciting parts of the bet since the spread drives the move upward until the kickoff.

4. Make your own side bets. Be wise and bet for a significant on the other stakes besides piling dough on the spread. This may ask you to know possible odds of the game.

5. Figure out your capacity to spare resources way ahead of time. As its name implies, Super Bet is a necessity in Super Bowl. Betting here is quite expensive that you need to account your cash or credit line to make sure you will not run out of money to spare.

6. Ask for the number of your friend’s bookie. This will be a huge help should you lack knowledge on the Super Bowl rules and regulations that the bookie may impart to you.

7. Be with friends. It is more fun and exciting when you bet with your friends while watching the game either live or just on television.

super-bowl-2014-XLVIIIBear in mind that the bettors of 2014 Super Bowl are now checking for the leading odds for the round on the division level. In fact, talks right now center on the teams with the best talent and momentum to compete. This is the factor looked into by bettors in placing their wagers. And for this season, the teams on competition include the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. The hype surrounding the season right now is attributable to the fact that the Super Bowl is the biggest sports event for betting in the world.

Good Luck!

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Sports Betting in America

People bet and gamble on almost everything, and sports betting is very common in America. It’s exciting to be able to bet on your team to win a game, the division or even the Super Bowl. In fact, the first game I bet on was the Super Bowl.

***If you’re interested in finding a good online sports book, please check out our list of places to bet the Super Bowl.***

Forms of betting

broncos-super-bowl-betsBetting comprises of various types. There are proposition betting, straight bet, Parlays, teasers, progressive parlays, future betting and second half bets. Proposition betting is placing a bet on a specific result of a sport, like whether or not a particular player scores in a baseball match or how many goals a specific team will score in a football match. Straight betting is made on two teams and has a format where betting on the losing team is made desirable. Parlays are made on several bets at a time. If won, the bettor stands a better chance to win a handsome amount, than when he places separate bets. Similarly in a teaser the bettor can combine his bets with more than two games. A progressive parlay is a bit similar to a parlay but here a token amount will still be paid even if the bettor loses some of his wagers. Future bets are made when the sports season begins. So in future bets, the period of betting is longer and the amounts wagered are also big. Second half bets are bets placed and won in the second half of the sporting event. Head to head bet is generally placed on two or more players and not on the overall outcome of the sport. Totalizators or flexible rate bets and in play betting are also some forms of betting.

Legal betting

seattle-seahawks-super-bowl-oddsIn the USA betting is illegal with the exception of a few states. In these states betting had been legal at the time the law was approved and so continues to be so. The four states of USA that enjoys exemption are Oregon, Montana, Delaware and Nevada. While Nevada is the only state where sports betting take place, Delaware and New Jersey are also trying to legalize sports betting as in Nevada. These attempts include taking a poll of people supporting or opposing sports betting. Majority of men and young people supported it as opposed to women and older people. While some voters did consent that the government should allow sports betting and tax it, some others said it could cause sports to corrupt and encourage gambling.

Illegal sports betting

In places where betting is illegal, sports betting takes place with unlawful bookmakers and on the internet where such people accept online wagers on sporting events. In US, 67% of people are not in favour of the internet being legalized for placing sporting bets while 21% were in favour of it. While the National Football League is against legalizing sports betting, International Cricket Council believes in it. Legalization of betting should be mainly done to arrest illegal dealings by bookmakers and curb match fixing.

Illegal Booking

Illegal sports betting are done in various types of sports. Popular sports like basketballHappy-Money and rugby have more match fixers, commonly called “bookies”. These “bookies” pay players to play badly and thus cause their team to lose. This is commonly called “booking” and is done on a large scale basis. At first, illegal sports betting caused the origin of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, a federal law which was passed in 1992. The intention of PASPA was to retain sporting integrity and to reduce the up rise of sports gambling among the people of America. However, PASPA still ignores the fact that betting still continues to be done in the black markets in various states of America. It was estimated in 2008 that 2.8 billion dollars was wagered on sports illegally in Nevada, and 380 billion dollars wagered across the rest of the United States. Many people also do not know that they might be funding an illegal betting organization. Delaware, which is exempted from PASPA, started sports betting but this was limited to only parlay betting on NFL games and to betting on horse races. In New Jersey, sports betting are practiced only by the Atlantic City casinos and on horse races. New Jersey shows intention of going ahead in spite of the national ban by PASPA by garnering support for sports betting in New Jersey.

Points favoring sports betting

super-bowl-sports-bettingBy legalizing sports betting, a proper monitoring system can be implemented to monitor all betting at the sites. The help of technology like specific soft wares, the odds can be conjectured and money that is being bet can be tracked. When there is an abnormal proceeding in the system, they can nail the flaw immediately. This will be followed by investigations to reveal the depth of involvement and also for tracking the money. Thus proof of match fixing and illegal betting can be accumulated to warrant the necessary arrests be it the players, team owners, coaches or referees and be it in any country, Australia, India, Pakistan, China, Germany, Korea or Italy. But as sport betting is illegal in the United States, such a monitoring system is non-existent here. So chances of oversight are bright. This could result in lack of integrity and irregularity in the outcome of the games. Such unexpected outcomes invite investigations which in turn will result in public disclosures and scandals, thus tainting integrity of the team and all those connected with it. Sports activities are already facing a stigma in terms of scandals related to steroids, drugs and violations in recruiting, so betting can be excluded from that list by proactively legalizing it and setting up a proper system of evaluation. This will enforce an understanding and cooperation among the teams, betting bookies and the law, so chances of matters getting exceedingly unmanageable are reduced. Legalized betting create a proper understanding and a much better relationship with the many teams as everyone wants sports and games to be genuinely played and fairly enjoyed.

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