Super Bowl lineman Ashworth getting lost in Seattle shuffle

seahawks-super-bowl-bettingPerhaps the expectations surrounding Tom Ashworth grew from circumstance and timing.The veteran offensive lineman, with a Super Bowl ring in tow, signed with the Seattle Seahawks just days after they lost All-Pro offensive guard Steve Hutchinson to the Minnesota Vikings. With his ability to play both offensive guard and tackle, it was assumed that Ashworth would be among those challenging to take Hutchinson’s spot along Seattle’s stout offensive line.

Fast-forward five months. Ashworth spends most of training camp practice as a backup, sometimes serving on the scout team. He doesn’t like talking to the media, but speaks politely about his new team, even though he’s gone from a starter protecting Tom Brady in New England, to a backup with Seattle.

“They’re the coaches. They’re going to put the guys in the position they feel best helps the team,” Ashworth said. “Wherever they see fit, for me, that’s what it’s going to be.”


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Dolphins are a year away from even thinking Super Bowl

sexy-miami-dolphin-fanFor years about this time, in these same pages, some quote from the Dolphins’ offseason would be dredged up to be the flag-bearer for the team. It was a tradition. You get the idea reading them now that they were some sort of joke, a running gag, especially when Dave Wannstedt would insist every winter, “We’re close.”

Then there was Jimmy Johnson, in 1999, saying, how his team could be “something special.” That got repeated, what, 10,672 times?

Even Don Shula, in a fit of boldspeak for him in 1995, said, “We’ve filled all our holes.”

There’s no need to go chapter and verse into the disappointing endings to all that optimism. It’s just good to look back and see how it went wrong, in so many years, especially on the edge of this season as Dolphins fans embark on a newer (and coach-inspired quieter) brand of optimism.

miami dophins super bowl oddsIt’s so quiet in Year Two of Nick Saban you can hear the Dolphins’ fear of the Patriots drop. And with good reason. These Dolphins will be a good team — 10-6 sounds right — but remain another offseason away from even thinking Super Bowl.

This is the year the Dolphins should squeeze into the playoffs. They should play with and, if everything breaks right, be able to catch New England in the AFC East.

Sure, optimism is an affliction around most teams right now, starting with Philadelphia because Terrell Owens is gone and Dallas because Terrell Owens is there. Oakland feels good with a coach who hasn’t been around this millennium in Art Shell. Go down the list. Everyone feels good. Most teams have a chance.

But the Dolphins’ optimism isn’t based on feel-good intangibles like confidence, leadership and we’re-close hope. Look at the tangibles.

Miami-Dolphins-Super-Bowl-CheerleaderIf last year showed the Dolphins aren’t lost in the wilderness anymore, this is the year where it’s OK to believe good things are coming and here are five reasons why:

1. Daunte Culpepper is here and healthy. Obvious, right? He has questions to answer, namely whether he can thrive without receiver Randy Moss. But two years ago he was a Pro Bowl player throwing for 5,000 yards and so, for the first time since Dan Marino, the Dolphins have a star-quality quarterback. Enough said.

2. The schedule. This is a godsend. Eight games are against teams that drafted in the top 10 and had no better than a 6-10 record. There are no West Coast games, only one cold-weather game (at Buffalo on Dec. 17) and an AFC East where the Bills and Jets are in first-year rebuilding phases. Plus there’s …

3. New England. Its lost too much to win the Super Bowl. Yes, that’s been said before. And, yes, of all teams, the Dolphins shouldn’t be thinking this considering the Patriots had just 11 regular starters last year and still won in Dolphin Stadium.

But the salary-capped, parity-driven league has caught up to the Patriots to the point they’re nearly an even match for the Dolphins right now. Their coaching staff has been raided. Another round of veterans, like Willie McGinest, are gone. They even made a rare front-office mistake by losing kicker Adam Vinatieri to the direct-rival Colts in free agency.
Bill Belichick still has the proven system. But …

miami dolphins body paint“You’ve got to have great players to play in that system,” McGinest told the San Diego Union-Tribune during training camp. “I think we kind of found that out last year. The system was great, but it couldn’t save us. Some of the guys coming in were terrible.

“Duane Starks, he came in and played like trash. He was terrible. We had other guys coming in that couldn’t fill those shoes of some of those guys that had been there for years and were your core guys.”

4. The Dolphins’ secondary. Yes, the secondary. It’s a question, especially with so many cornerbacks hurt in the preseason. But let’s look back a year for perspective. The questions then included fourth-round rookie Travis Daniels, late-free-agent signee Lance Schulters and the infamous Reggie Howard. Yet the secondary wasn’t a glaring problem. With additions of top pick Jason Allen and veteran Will Allen, can this year be any worse?

5. Six straight wins to close last year. An NFL general manager was asked this winter what that meant. “It means it took eight games for Saban to impress his style on the team. He held it together. Now we’ll see where he takes it.”

That sounds about right. Their offensive line and overall depth suggests they’re still a season from contending. Their offseason steps tell of a team on the rise.

Saban, quietly, with no measuring-stick quotes, merits optimism by marching in the Right Direction.


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Super Bowl XXXI players to be honored at opener

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl BetsA 10-year reunion of more than 30 players from the Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl XXXI-winning team will take place Sept. 10 at the season opener against the Chicago Bears, highlighting the team’s annual alumni weekend.

They’ll be honored at a pregame ceremony during which Pro Football and Packers Hall of Famer Reggie White’s name will go up on the facade of the east side of the stadium bowl.

Among the players scheduled to attend: Don Beebe, Robert Brooks, LeRoy Butler, Mark Chmura, Doug Evans, Antonio Freeman, Chris Jacke, Keith Jackson, Sean Jones, Dorsey Levens, Aaron Taylor and Frank Winters.

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SI picks Panthers to win Super Bowl

carolina-panthers-cheerleadersFor the eighth straight year, Sports Illustrated has picked the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl.

In the magazine’s annual NFL preview, the Panthers are picked to defeat the Miami Dolphins 24-20 in Super Bowl XLI.

Sports Illustrated also picked the Panthers to win the Super Bowl last year, but Carolina lost in the NFC Championship Game.

Sports Illustrated’s not alone. This week’s edition of Pro Football Weekly picks the Panthers to defeat Indianapolis in the Super Bowl. Numerous other publications, websites and television and radio shows have picked the Panthers to win or reach the Super Bowl.

SI picks Dolphins to reach Super Bowl

sexy-dophins-fanSports Illustrated, in its 2006 NFL preview, predicts the Dolphins will reach Super Bowl XLI, where they will lose to the Carolina Panthers.

If Miami reaches the championship game, to be played at Dolphin Stadium, it will become the first NFL team to play in a Super Bowl in its home stadium.

Super Bowl organizers plan two huge Hispanic festivals

South Florida Super Bowl organizers want to ensure that the region’s Hispanic community is not left out of the festivities. They’re organizing Super Fieston! The two outdoor festivals will be held in Broward County on Jan. 28 and in Miami-Dade County on Feb. 3 at as-yet unannounced locations.

The free festivals will feature Latin music and food, Hispanic NFL players and new product demonstrations, said Nelson Albareda, president of Eventus, the Miami firm organizing the events.

Super Fieston! is one of the ‘’Super Celebration’’ series of community cultural events being organized by the Super Bowl XLI Host Committee

football money

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Ref defends Super Bowl officiating

seahawks-super-bowl-bettingNFL referee Ed Hochuli dropped by Seattle Seahawks training camp to discuss new rules and points of emphasis for 2006.He wound up answering questions about controversial officiating in Super Bowl XL.

“The Super Bowl was one of those games where it seemed like the big calls went against Seattle,” Hochuli said Thursday. “That was just fortuitous, bad fortuitous, for Seattle. That doesn’t mean there were no mistakes, but it was a well-officiated game.”

Hochuli and three other officials – Tom Symonette, Don Dorkowski and Tom Sifferman – began monitoring Seahawks practices Thursday. They planned to stay around long enough to oversee a scrimmage scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m. at Eastern Washington University.

The officials showed a league-produced officiating video to reporters and players in separate sessions Thursday. The video featured potentially confusing plays with explanatory voiceovers.

Down-by-contact is now a reviewable play on fumbles.

Seattle-Seahawks-Sexy-SeagalsIn another change, referees will have 60 seconds, not 90, to view replays on the sideline. That rule was approved for 2006 only.

Hochuli said none of the rules changes would have affected any of the calls made against Seattle in the Super Bowl.

He said the disputed pass-interference call against receiver Darrell Jackson was a “no-brainer” because “any time you have an extended arm and you have separation between the players, it’s going to be an automatic flag for pass interference.”

Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren disagreed with several calls in the Super Bowl, but he declined to elaborate Thursday.

He called Hochuli the game’s best referee while praising his three associates as strong at their positions.

The league sends officials to every NFL training camp.

“They are helping our guys,” Holmgren said. “I always ask them to talk to the players. Right away I saw some good give and take there between the players and the officials.”


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Unfulfilling in past, Colts must reach Super Bowl

The next step toward forgetting last season starts Sunday for the Indianapolis Colts.

Players report for training camp at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Ind., and renew their quest for that elusive Holy Grail, the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

What’s the scoop at running back?
colts-jamesThe loss of Edgerrin James to the Cardinals will be felt, not only in the loss of his rushing yardage, but his pass-protection skills and his positive locker room influence. It’s imperative that rookie Joseph Addai reach a contract deal and get into camp. He has an opportunity to challenge Dominic Rhodes for the starting spot, but that won’t happen if he’s a holdout.

The Colts’ offensive line is strong enough, and the passing game potent enough, to make a Rhodes-Addai partnership work in the backfield. But Addai must get into camp and start learning.

Who’ll replace David Thornton?
Thornton, like Mike Peterson and Marcus Washington before him, was allowed to move on in free agency under the assumption that the Colts will find an able-bodied linebacker to replace him. The top choice is Gilbert Gardner, who has shown promise but has had trouble remaining healthy. Cato June at one outside linebacker spot and Gary Brackett in the middle are solid. Gardner’s health will be a major factor in how strong the Colts’ defense becomes.

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl OddsWill Brandon Stokley return to form?
Stokley’s production dropped significantly in 2005. After logging 1,077 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns in 2004, his numbers dropped to 543 yards and one TD last season. Much of the drop was due to the most frequent use of two tight ends in the Colts’ offense, with Dallas Clark in the slot. Stokley’s yards per catch (13.2) were still respectable, and it may turn out that his 2004 numbers were an aberration due to Peyton Manning’s record-setting season.

Stokley remains a quintessential team player and one of the best at running routes in traffic across the middle. His numbers could rise again if the Rhodes-Addai running attack struggles and Manning goes more and more to the air. Stokley might not reach 2004 heights, but expect a rebound to numbers higher than last season as he continues to supplement Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.

Can a kicker provide confidence?
Adam Vinatieri brings his Super Bowl rings and experience from the New England Patriots, replacing Mike Vanderjagt at kicker. There’s little difference between Vinatieri and Vanderjagt statistically, but Vinatieri’s demeanor is much more suited to the workmanlike style of Colts coach Tony Dungy.

Vinatieri is clutch, and Manning will appreciate the security of knowing three points are almost always assured with a decent offensive drive. Plus, Vinatieri won’t say anything controversial to the media.

colts super bowl ringWill Corey Simon become more dominant?
Simon says he has dropped some excess weight from last season, and that can only be a major positive move.

Two factors worked against Simon last season — his weight and his unfamiliarity to the Colts — but he still made a solid contribution.

If he’s in tip-top shape, he could be dominant on the defensive line, making sack experts Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis even more effective. Seeing Simon report in good shape would a beautiful sight on Sunday.

Will there be significant changes in the secondary?
bobby_sanders_coltsSpeculation that Marlin Jackson might be moved to safety did not materialize, but look for Jackson to push for a starting spot at cornerback this season.

His speed and savvy demand to be put to better use. Whether that means less time for Jason David or Nick Harper remains to be seen. Harper, who’ll be 32 this season, isn’t getting any younger, but he’s far from over the hill.

The only indispensable defensive back would be safety Bob Sanders, who improved by leaps and bounds during his first two seasons.

Can the Colts put last year’s fizzling end behind them?
NFL training camp is much like baseball’s spring training. It’s a fresh start. There were departures (James, Thornton, Vanderjagt and Larry Tripplett) and additions (Vinatieri, Addai and other rookies), but the core of the Colts remains the same.

Dungy has had time to recover — as much as that’s possible — from the death of his son and refocus his energy on coaching.

As usual, no matter how much is answered in training camp, this year’s success won’t be determined until the playoffs in January. Super Bowl or bust? No question.


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NFL is the most profitable sports league in the world

NFL, which is also known as the National Football League can be considered as the richest sports league in the modern world. It has come a tremendous journey over the past few decades, overcoming basketball, baseball and all the other sports business industries in America. From the statistical information, it can clearly be seen that NFL has generated more than 6 billion dollars of profit throughout 2013.

moneyAccording to an article published by the Forbes Magazine in 2007, it has been identified that the value of 32 NFL teams is around $957 million each. In addition, they have estimated the cost of five franchises to one billion dollars each. Even the newest franchise of NFL is worth of $782 million, which is much higher than the value of all the basketball, hockey and baseball teams that you can find across United States.  In the year 2008, Wayne Huizenga, who is the owner of Miami Dolphins agreed to sell half of his team for $500 million. It clearly shows the demand that NFL teams have in the present world. However, this research was conducted seven years back and experts predict that it will be much higher in the present world.

How do they get all this money? Well, a majority of their revenues come through television broadcasts. The National Football League receives more than 2 billion dollars through its television broadcast. In addition, they receive over one billion dollars by selling tickets, merchandise and through advertising. Since they get a good profit, all the NFL players have got the opportunity to experience amazing salaries. According to the player contracts, the players are entitled to receive more than 59.5 percent of the gross revenues. A single player can therefore receive around $1.4 million a year as the salary.

super-bowl-sports-bettingA large percentage of the NFL revenues have to be spent on stadiums. Unlike other sports, NFL is played in palatial stadiums, which are associated with a wide variety of expenses. They also have to spend a lot of money as taxpayers. However, NFL can be summarized as a veritable cash machine that Americans have got. The incredible popularity and wealth of NFL has even motivated them to think of expansions. Even though it holds the number one position in the sports industry for profits, the entire league is humble in the extreme. That can be considered as the main reason behind their increasing popularity throughout the past 7 decades.

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Thompson recalls Super Bowl XXXIII loss

sexy-denver-broncos-betsSaturday night’s game was played in the same Qualcomm Stadium where the Packers lost Super Bowl XXXIII to Denver.

General Manager Ted Thompson was the Packers’ director of player personnel that season and said he remembered few details from the game.

“You remember the locker room after the game, even the weird party,” Thompson said. “You always have a party after the Super Bowl, and when you win like we did at New Orleans (the previous year) it’s really a good party. Wwhen you lose, it’s sort of a surreal. I love San Diego but that’s not necessarily a good memory.

“I remember almost every play of the game at New Orleans, but I don’t remember much from that game. As I recall both offenses were pretty productive and both teams were going down the field.”


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McNabb’s talking Super Bowl Eagles

Philly Eagles CheerleaderHe had not come right out and said it, in part because, until Monday’s news conference, no one specifically had asked the question. But here’s what Donovan McNabb expects for the Eagles this season: “We are a Super Bowl team.”McNabb said it, and he meant it. Just like Tiki Barber meant it when he recently declared the Giants a championship-caliber team. Just like Mark Brunell meant it when, two weeks ago, he said anything short of a title for the Redskins would be a failure.

Players, particularly accomplished veterans, are supposed to be brimming with confidence in August. It is the month of optimism, when players state goals and send notice out to the league that yes, their team is loaded, their team is tough, their team is going to be difficult to beat.

Who is to argue when the real games haven’t even begun?

philadelphia eagles super bowl oddsStill, McNabb’s pronouncement was striking, given the Eagles’ bust of a 2005 season. In a wide-ranging 30-minute interview after his news conference, McNabb made another prediction.

“I think (if) we get back to the form we were at, we can change 6-10 to possibly 13-3, or 14-2, possibly,” McNabb said. “I would love to say 16-0, but we can get back to that winning season. I think it is possible. I don’t think it’s out of reach.”
Fourteen wins and just two losses? Since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule in 1978, the Eagles never have won 14 games in a season. Their 13-3 record of 2004 is the benchmark.

Only five teams this decade have won 14 or more games in a season: St. Louis in 2001, New England in 2003, New England and Pittsburgh (15) in 2004, and Indianapolis last year.

It is a lofty goal, to say the least.

philadelphia eagles oddsMcNabb isn’t a blustery, in-your-face, talk-a-bunch-of-trash kind of player. He is a thoughtful guy, not necessarily cautious but not wildly flamboyant with his words either. He qualified his comments by insisting he wasn’t “saying it overconfidently or with my chest out. It’s just kind of that push we have in that locker room.”

Despite the Eagles’ lack of a big-time wide receiver and Brian Westbrook’s ongoing injury issues, McNabb really likes this team. He mentioned the depth and talent on defense – particularly along the line and in the secondary – and said he expects the defense to be ranked in the top five in the NFL. He named a variety of options on offense, including almost all of his receivers, tight ends L.J. Smith and Matt Schobel, and Westbrook.

Sure, McNabb is concerned about Westbrook’s sprained left foot, and even more concerned about Todd Pinkston’s healing Achilles tendons. He cautioned everyone not to set unrealistic expectations for young receiver Hank Baskett. And he acknowledged that Jabar Gaffney is still trying to learn the offense, and Darnerien McCants is still trying to master it.

But this team, McNabb said, reminds him of the 2004 team that went to the Super Bowl, with one notable exception.

bet on the philadelphia eagles“We don’t have the big-name receiver that everybody can talk about, but just the team as a whole,” McNabb said. “We have some great talent on defense that’s going to be really exciting, where I think our defense can get back to top five in the league. Offensively, people still talk about our run game and we don’t have that No. 1 receiver, but offensively I think we can get back to kind of that top-five, top-10 offense where we’re doing a lot of different things to create mismatches. …

“I think it’s important that we get back to our offense, to running our offense. Add some wrinkles in there to create a lot of mismatches and holes in the defenses we play, but I still feel the talent is there.”

The `04 Eagles held opponents to 16.3 points per game and scored 24.1 points per game. They had the league’s 10th-best defense and ranked second in sacks, while the offense was eighth in scoring and ninth in total yards.

bet the eaglesTerrell Owens was an integral part of the offense, and his importance cannot be overstated. He infused the team with confidence and drew double teams that freed other receivers to make plays. Westbrook had 73 receptions, just four fewer than Owens, and rushed for more than 800 yards. Pinkston pulled down 36 catches, and Smith grabbed 34.

It’s way too early to say the `06 Eagles will have that kind of balance on offense, but from what he’s seen over the last several weeks, McNabb thinks they can. It is not unrealistic, McNabb said, for Reggie Brown to have 70 catches this season, Baskett to have 50, and Gaffney, McCants, Schobel and Smith to have 30 apiece.

Philadelphia_Eagles_Las_VegasOf course, as the Redskins learned Sunday night, expectations can change in an instant. Four minutes into Washington’s preseason game against Cincinnati, Clinton Portis dislocated his left shoulder tackling a Bengals cornerback after Brunell threw an interception. Backup running back Kerry Carter later suffered torn ligaments in his knee, effectively ending his season before it began.

Portis likely will be back once the regular season starts, but even he acknowledged that the injury could dog him all season. He is a focal point of the Redskins’ offense. Without him healthy, they struggle.
That’s the thing about Super Bowl aspirations. Almost anybody can have them in August.

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The NFL is the most popular sports league in America

Even though NFL got the opportunity to become a major professional sport during 1950s, they were not able to reap its maximum benefits for few years. It all happened during 1960s where the league created an ideal platform for economic dominance. In the year 1959, Bert Bell, who was the long time NFL commissioner diet because of a sudden heart attack and Pete Rozelle came into play after that. He was there in the position for about 30 years, which delivered promising results to the American sports business.

NFL playoffsRozelle did many things in order to enhance the popularity of NFL and generate more revenues. The partnerships he established with television networks hold a prominent place out of them. In the present world, most of NFL’s revenues come from television broadcasts. During Rozelle’s time, people were in need of sports broadcasts. Baseball was dominating the channels at that time, but its popularity gradually reduced with the introduction of NFL. As a result of the NFL popularity, popular announcers came into commentary and NFL players got the opportunity to make money through commercials. All these plans were in the mind of Rozelle and he was able to execute them in a convenient manner.

nfl-on-grassIn the meantime, NFL owners were able to increase their revenues through selling tickets. Even though some owners were afraid that increased television broadcast can reduce gate revenues, it didn’t happen like that. Instead, the gate revenues increased dramatically because of the popularity. This motivated Rozelle to move the league’s office to Rockefeller Center in the New York City. This opened opportunities for a wide range of revenue sharing plans that were targeting small market teams such as Green Bay packers. This gave the chance for such teams to obtain a competitive balance in the industry and ensure a competitive industry.

Over the past few years, the popularity of NFL increased gradually and its television contracts brought in a lot of revenue. In the present world, they have established partnerships with major television networks such as ESPN, Fox, CBS and NBC. These six year deals have the potential to bring in over 12 billion dollars for the 32 teams.

peyton manning super bowl MVP bets

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