The 6 Best Sportsbooks for Betting the 2015 Super Bowl

We ranked the best 6 sportsbooks for betting on the Super Bowl. Check them out, open an account, and place a bet on the Super Bowl today!

Happy-Money#1. Bovada – Bovada is a world class sportsbook that accepts US players (most online sportsbooks do not). As one of the most popular and trusted sportsbooks in the world, they are perfect for Americans looking to place a couple of bets on the big game. Additionally every year Bovada offers more Super Bowl prop bets than any other sportsbook. They already have about 500 different bets up on their site for this year’s game.

Currently Bovada is offering a 50% welcome bonus to new customers. They also have excellent customer service and a good loyalty program, as well as an online casino and an awesome poker room. It’s really a one stop shop for all your online gambling needs. If you open an account here, you’ll never need to open another account anywhere else.

super-bowl-betting-odds#2. Bodog – This online sportsbook is one of Bovada’s sister sites, it’s one of the most popular sportsbooks in Europe, and they offer many of the same benefits that Bovada does. The main difference between these sites is that BoDog does not accept US players.

So if you’re in located in America, we recommend opening an account with Bovada. But if you’re Europe, you should consider BoDog instead simply because it’s a better known sportsbook in your area.

#3. Pinnacle Sports – Pinnacle sports is one of the largest sportsbooks in the world, and many consider it to have the sharpest lines in the world. This sportsbook is great for professional bettors located outside of the United States. If you want to bet $1 million on the Super Bowl, this is the site for you. That said, with no welcome bonuses, they don’t really cater to most regular gamblers. They also don’t accept players from the US.

football money#4. William Hill – William Hill is a “bookmaker” located in the UK. They’re very well known in Europe, and they’re even listed in the London Stock Exchange. This sportsbook started as a land based bookie in 1934 and as grown significantly over the last 80 years. Today they have over 16,000 employees worldwide and own over half the sportsbooks in Nevada, including a few in Las Vegas. Even though William Hill has established sportsbooks in Las Vegas, they don’t accept online sports bets from the US. If you’re in another part of the world, they’re worth checking out.

Patriots Super Bowl Odds#5. Bookmaker – This is only 1 of 2 sites on our list that accept US players. If for some reason you don’t want to open an account with Bovada, Bookmaker is a decent alternative. While they don’t offer the number of Super Bowl prop bets Bovada does, they do have an equal sign-on bonus and good customer service.

#6. Bet365 – This is another great European sportsbook that does not accept American players. If you’re located outside of the US, you already have accounts at some of the sportsbooks mentioned above and you’re looking to open an account with a new site, this is a great one. This site is offered in over 10 different languages, they offer bets on almost every sporting event, and they have a full online casino, poker room and bingo hall.

Updated Super Bowl Odds

Team Spread Over/Under
New England Patriots -2 48½
Seattle Seahawks +2

moneyThe most recent Super Bowl odds have the New England Patriots favored by 2 of the Seattle Seahawks. This is very different from where the line opened. It opened in Las Vegas with the Seahawks being favored by 2.5. There were so many people betting on the Patriots, that the sportsbooks had to move the spread to favor the Patriots in order to get people to bet on the Seahawks.

The over/under is 48.5. This is close to where it opened at 49. It appears that most people have been betting the under, so the line has dropped by 1/2 a point.

Other types of bets that you can make on the Super Bowl are the moneyline, half bets, quarter bets, alternate line bets, live action bets and of course prop bets.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

As we mentioned, Bovada currently lists about 500 different prop bets for the Super Bowl. We aren’t going to list them all here (although we’ll have a full list of prop bets up on our site soon). Some of the  more interesting ones are:

Odds to win the Super Bowl MVP

Player Odds
Tom Brady 7/4
Russell Wilson 7/2
Marshawn Lynch 4/1
Rob Gronkowski 9/1
LeGarrette Blount 12/1
Julian Edelman 20/1
Darrelle Revis 33/1
Doug Baldwin 33/1
Kam Chancellor 33/1
Richard Sherman 33/1
Earl Thomas 40/1
Bobby Wagner 50/1
Jamie Collins 50/1
Jermaine Kearse 50/1
Brandon LaFell 66/1
Shane Vereen 66/1
Danny Amendola 75/1
K.J. Wright 75/1
Byron Maxwell 100/1
Devin McCourty 100/1
Dont’a Hightower 100/1
Luke Willson 100/1
Malcolm Smith 100/1
Patrick Chung 100/1
Rob Ninkovich 100/1
Stephen Gostkowski 100/1
Steven Hauschka 100/1
Field 25/1

Will Marshawn Lynch grab his crotch after scoring a TD in the game?  Yes +400, No -600

What Color will Bill Belichick’s hoodie be? Grey-200, Blue +175, Red +700

That’s about it. If you’re interested in betting the big game, please check out one of the sportsbooks listed above. Thanks for stopping by and discussing the Patriots Super Bowl Odds and Seahawks Super Bowl Odds. Good Luck!




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The Early Super Bowl Line

The Super Bowl is currently a pick, so there is no spread on the game. Both teams are currently considered even, so you just bet on who you think will win. The over/under is currently 49.

***Super Bowl odds from our top ranked online sportsbook Bovada. Join today and get a 50% welcome bonus. US players welcome.***


The line for the Super Bowl opened in Las Vegas with the Seattle Seahawks as 2.5 point favorites. It was quickly bet down to Seattle minus 1, and it finally moved to a pick.

Why did the line move?

Patriots Super Bowl OddsLas Vegas looks for equal action on a football game. That’s how they make their money. They change -110 to win 100. That means they make you bet $110 to win $100. This is why they want equal action. They can change someone betting on New England $110 and someone betting on Settle $110. Let’s say the Patriots cover the spread. The Sportsbook will then pay the Patriots bettor $210 (their initial $110 bet and their $100 amount won.) Meanwhile the Seahawks bettor loses $110, and Las Vegas makes $10 on the transaction.

Now instead of $110, lets say it’s $110,000,000 with all the bets that Vegas takes on the Super Bowl. That means with equal bets on both teams Las Vegas will make $10,000,000 with no risk. (And the Vegas sportsbooks usually make more than that on the Super Bowl). Now you can see why they want an equal amount of money bet on both teams.

This is why the line moves. The bookies try to determine what spread will get an equal amount of bets on both teams. They them open the line and will move it depending on early action in order to get to a line that they think will get the most action on both teams.

seahawks-super-bowl-bettingWhat happened tonight was that Vegas opened the line at Seattle -2.5, and a lot of money was bet on the New England Patriots. Vegas then moved the line 1.5 point which is a big move, but it didn’t deter the bettors who like the Patriots, so Vegas had to move the line again. This time they made it a pick (meaning that there is not spread), and the betting has finally seemed to even out. I’m not sure if it will move from here, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it stay here until the game. (Sorry Patriots bettors, but if you didn’t already bet the Super Bowl, you probably missed you chance at the best spread).

The over/under opened at 49, and so far it hasn’t moved. This is a pretty high total, so it may not move. If it does, I would guess that the total goes up.

The Super Bowl is a huge game, and everyone loves to bet on it. One of the public’s favorite bets is to bet on the over because it’s exciting. When you bet the over, you just root of touchdowns and points, regardless of who is scoring. It’s much more fun than betting the under. Trust me.

Seattle-Seahawks-Super-Bowl-OddsSo those are the early lines for now. We’ll be back with an update later in the week once all the movements calm down.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots! This Super Bowl be a battle of two very good teams. It should be fun and full of prop bets.

Please feel free to stop by our site later in the week to find out more information on how to bet on the Super Bowl or our list of the best online sports books to bet the Super Bowl.

Take care. Goodnight and good luck!

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Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Odds & Bets

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl OddsCertainly one of the most recognizable team names in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers are also one of the most successful franchises in the history of the organization as well. The Packers were one of the founding members of the NFL in 1919 and have the distinction of being the only franchise that is non-profit and owned by the community. The non-profit and community owned status has allowed the Packers to survive as a small market team in the NFL which were quite common in the first two decades of their existence.

From a town that is so small compared to the major cities where NFL franchises are located today, the Packers have won a record 13 NFL Championships that include four Super Bowls. Plus, their establishment in the North Division of the NFL has allowed them to engage in one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL with the Chicago Bears.

Super Bowl Odds

Team Odds
Seattle Seahawks 5/4
New England Patriots 19/10
Green Bay Packers 11/2
Indianapolis Colts 13/2

The Packers are currently the 3rd favorite to the win the Super Bowl. Both the Seahawks and Patriots have lower odds, and that’s great news for Packers fan! It means that you’re getting a great price on Green Bay because Las Vegas thinks both Seattle and New England have a better shot at winning.

What this means is that you should bet on the Packers now before tomorrow’s game. If Green Bay wins tomorrow, their Super Bowl odds are going to drop and you’ll never get as good a bet as you can on them right now… Thinking about it this goes for all these teams.

The History of the Green Bay Packers

green-bay-packers-super-bowl-betsGeorge Whitney Calhoun and Earl “Curly” Lambeau founded the Packers in 1919 as part of what would become the NFL, although in terms of team history they can trace back their roots to 1896. The very name “Packers” comes from the Indian Packing Company, the employer of Lambeau of whom he solicited the funds in order to get the uniforms for the team. The $500 contribution has allowed the Packers name to be sealed into immortality even though the actual company was bought out just two years after it made its donation.

Curly Lambeau was the first coach of the team as well, managing to guide the franchise through the 1920s with some success, but his breakout year was 1920 when his squad managed to go undefeated with a 12 – 0 – 1 record and recording a remarkable 8 shutouts during that run. This was the first of three championships that Lambeau would win in a row, a feat that was not to be duplicated for another thirty years.

There were many great players were at Green Bay during that time, but arguably the most remarkable feat was the streak of 30 consecutive home wins which is an NFL record that still stands to this day. So great were Lambeau’s accomplishments that his stature in Green Bay history is sealed with the very field being named after him, even though many people outside of Green Bay might not know his accomplishments.

bet the super bowl onlineLambeau would go on to win the Packers three more NFL championships in 1936, 1939 and 1944 thanks in large part to Don Hutson, one of the most remarkable players in NFL history. Hutson actually invented pass patterns which before were virtually unheard of in the NFL. During his time with the Packers, Hutson set 18 NFL records, some of which still stand today and became a charter member of Hall of Fame in 1963.

After Hutson retired in 1946, Curly Lambeau could not find any more success with the team and retired in 1949. Over the next decade the Packers skidded down to becoming one of the worst franchises in the history of the league, garnering a meager 1 – 10 – 1 record in 1958 which resulted in the firing of their head coach and the hiring of an assistant from the New York Giants named Vince Lombardi.

green-bay-packers-super-bowl-bettingWhile Lombardi’s task was large, he somehow managed to turn the team around immediately and earn a 7 – 5 record in his initial season, the first winning season since Curly Lambeau retired. Lombardi managed to find a considerable amount of talent on both sides of the ball, but it was his emphasis on precision and perfection that led the Packers to a remarkable five NFL Championships.

Two years later, Lombardi won his first of two championships in a row when the Packers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 37 – 0. The following year, the Packers beat the New York Giants 16 – 7 and it seemed that a dynasty was being formed. However, the Packers could not make it back to the championship game until 1965 when they defeated the Cleveland Browns 23 – 12 and then completed the trifeca over the next two years with consecutive defeats of the Dallas Cowboys. The second game against the Cowboys was the famous “Ice Bowl” game which went into legendary status because of the brutal cold.

During the time that the Packers were playing the Cowboys, the AFL-NFL Championship Game or “Super Bowl” as it had been dubbed by the media had been created as a post-season match between the two rival leagues. The Packers managed to win both games against the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders respectively to become the first Super Bowl champions.

packers-super-bowl-betting-oddsAfter Lombardi left the Packers following their second Super Bowl victory, the team fell into a slump that lasted for over 20 years with little on the field success and disastrous drafting choices that seemingly put the team at the bottom of the league.

However, in 1992 the Packers acquired Bart Farve as their quarterback and the team’s fortuned turned around sharply. Farve led the Packers into Super Bowl XXXI and defeated the New England Patriots 35 – 21 for their third Super Bowl victory. Although the Packers made it back to the Super Bowl the following year, they were defeated by the Denver Broncos 34 – 21.

hot-sexy-green-bay-packers-girlsOver the next decade, the Packers would continue to make the playoffs, but could not get back into the Super Bowl until 2010 with Aaron Rogers at the helm. Facing the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Packers managed to peak at the right time and won 31 – 25, becoming the first sixth-seed in the playoffs to ever win a Super Bowl.

The fortunes of the Packers are still shining bright as the team has remained a perennial contender in the ensuring years. However, the most remarkable fact is that this team still exists being in the smallest market in the NFL. Thanks to a dedicated fan base that is second-to-none along with their non-profit, community based organization, they have remained quite competitive in the billion dollar world of the NFL.

Good Luck with all you’re NFL playoff and Super Bowl bets!

Thanks for reading :)


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2014 Super Bowl Champions the Seattle Seahawks

For those of you who missed the last Super Bowl, it was a crushing defeat by the North West Champions the Seattle Seahawks. I can’t even remember the last time I saw such a smashing victory; the Denver Broncos couldn’t play that day to save their life.

super-bowl-2014-XLVIIII’m pretty sure it had something to do with the Seahawks extremely aggressive and powerful defensive line. Denver kept right on trying but the Hawks wouldn’t have it, it really was a site to behold. And as the game went on the Seahawks had no problem scoring, it was pretty clear from the first minute of the game which way the tides would go as the Hawks scored a safety immediately after kick off.

The Seahawks showed us this year just what they were capable of as they gave Denver a beating that will keep them sore for years to come. For those of you who didn’t know this is only the second time the Seahawks have played in the Super Bowl, and the first time they have taken the championship.

seahawks-super-bowl-bettingThis is truly the greatest moment in the North Wests franchise history. The last time Seattle played in the Super Bowl, they played against the Steelers and lost 21-10. It’s hard to believe as this last Super Bowl was won by a tremendous score of 43-8 against the Denver Broncos. Truly amazing on every level, I’ve never witnessed anything like this in my life, and being a former resident of Seattle I’ve got say it made me smile even though my family was going against it.

The offensive line was just as much a part of the win obviously as Denver could do nothing but sit back and watch as pass after pass, and run after run pushed Seattle ever closer to victory during the game. One of the highlights for me was when Percy Harvin ran back a more than 80 yard kick-off return for a touchdown while the Seahawks were already at a whopping lead of 29-0.

For those of you who saw the beating you know how it all went down, fast and hard. And for those of you who missed a game and love the Seahawks, or can’t stand Denver, I suggest you check out the replay or at least a highlights tape… You will be blown away by the crushing defeat the Seahawks claimed over the Denver Broncos.

Seattle is the favored to win the 2015 Super Bowl, and with the season they just had, I wouldn’t bet against them. Would you?


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The New England Patriots – Always a Favorite to Win the Super Bowl

Easily one of the best sports franchises to ever exist. The New England Patriots have delivered time and time again, winning Super Bowl’s and taking division championships is the normal routine of the New England team that is loved by many and hated by some.

New-England-Patriots-CheerleadersWhether you are a fan of the Patriot or not, you can’t deny that some of the best players ever to participate in the NFL have graced the likes of the Patriots. Many of the best teams have been seen on the Pats, and there are plenty of good reasons why they have been to the Super Bowl so many times and won three of them.

In total the Patriots have been to the Super Bowl seven times, and it was really in the early two thousands that we saw the New England team play for their crown achievements. The 2001, 2002, and 2004 years gave them their three championship rings, and really showed the Country what the hard hitting team was capable of.

Tom-Brady-Super-Bowl-MVPIt could be due to the likes of great players like the start quarter back Tom Brady, the wide receiver David Patten, or the tight end Jermaine Wiggins. There really have been some of the best players ever to wear a ring in the history of the sport on New England’s winning teams. The best part is that the Patriots deserved those wins, they played their hearts out and after suffering so many close attempts at winning the championship in the history of the franchise, and they finally were able to pull it off. And I don’t know about you, but I love seeing so called underdogs win, and in the case of the Pats, they never quite made it until those fate full championships that gave them their highest honors.

I guess for those of you who are not fans of New England, you could care less, but I still say it’s important to give respect where it’s due, and it’s definitely due to this hard playing team that took the sport by storm for a good number of years there.

new-england-patriots-super-bowl-oddsFor those of who don’t know anything about the Patriots, I guess we could give a little history on the Eastern team. The Patriots became a professional sports franchise back in 1960, and were originally known as the Boston Patriots and part of the AFL. The New England team came about when the two previous leagues combined into one to form the NFL, and they only played as the Boston Pats, for a decade before being renamed the New England Patriots in 1971.

Since the team was established they have had their ups and downs as most teams do. They have seen some of the greatest players ever to step foot on the field, and had a relatively slow start in regards to success as they only hit the play offs four times in the first fifteen years before finally making it all the way to the Super Bowl in 1986 only to lose to the then unstoppable Chicago Bears, which isn’t something to be looked down upon as the 86 Bears were one of the most ruthless Football teams ever to live.

bill-belichickIt wasn’t until the recent arrival of head coach Bill Belichick that the Patriots became what can be argued to be the most successful team in NFL history. They have had the third most appearances in the Super Bowl by playing in the championship seven times, the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers have both been 8. However in the last 25 years the New England Patriots have competed for the championship wring more times than any team making them one of the most successful teams in history.  Five of those Super Bowl appearances have been since the turn of the century. This is why I say that I give respect where respect is due, and in the case of the New England Patriots, respect has been earned and is due.

And when you talk about numbers some of the players that have graced the Pats have numbers that seem almost unreal, in some instances looking at yardage is more like looking at the odometer on a car. Take Tom Brady for example that has passed for more than 44,800 yards since the year 2000. And older players like Sam Cunningham that rushed for 5,453 yards from 1973-1982. Stanley Morgan who gained 10,352 yards in receiving, and the great Bill Belicheck. Since Belicheck has become coach of the Patriots in 2000 the New England franchise has won 187 games in the NFL. These stats speak for themselves, and the Patriots are easily classified as one of the most successful teams that the sport has ever seen.

As I said before, whatever you think of the Patriots, there is no denying that they are a BadAss team who is one to be reckoned with. And I can almost guarantee that they have by no means worn out their Super Bowl welcome.

For those of you who are Jets fans, then you already know the long lasting and ever escalating rivalry between the two North Eastern teams. Since both of the teams start in 1960, they have played each other at least twice a year, and have become one of the greatest rivalries in the era of modern sports. There is nothing better than watching these two titans duke it out on the field. All in all the Patriots deserve a standing ovation for their tremendous performances for the fans of the game, and are sure to bring plenty more magic in the years to come.

Update – The Pats made it to the 2015 Super Bowl, and we have all the New England Patriots Super Bowl odds and bets and news you need. Congrats to all their fans.


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Indianapolis Colts 2015 Super Bowl Odds

colts super bowl ringThe storied history of the Indianapolis Colts as one of the NFL’s most venerated teams is not without controversy, but it is filled with history when you consider the totality of the franchise. Currently based at Lucas Oil Stadium in the city of Indianapolis since 2008, the Colts are currently members of the AFC South Division.

They are one of the most successful franchises in the NFL with three NFL Championships in 1958, 1959 and 1968 along with two Super Bowl appearances in 1968 and 1970, the final one ending in victory while they were in the Baltimore area. However, there subsequent move to Indianapolis in 1983 was filled with controversy in the NFL, but that is now considered a past issue by most fans, especially those in Baltimore with the Ravens franchise having been developed in the area.

Super Bowl Odds (from the our top ranked sportsbook)

The Colts are currently 30/1 to win the Super Bowl. If you like them to win, you should bet them as soon as possible. They’re favored to win their playoff game this weekend, and if they do, their odds to win the Super Bowl will drop quickly.

This weekend Indy is home against the Bengals. The over/under on this game is 49, which is pretty high for an NFL total. That’s because these two teams know how to score. Andrew Luck and the Colts could probably put 49 points by themselves. (They did it against the Redskins earlier this year). The odds for this weekend’s game are below.

Team Spread Money Line Total Total Odds
Cincinnati Bengals +4 (-115) +165 49 (-105)o
Indianapolis Colts -4 (-105) -190 (-115)u

The History of the Colts

colts super bowl betsThe Baltimore Colts were first formed in 1946 in the post-World War II era after moving from Miami. The name “Colts” was selected in a fan contest with the team colors being silver and green. After three years of playing in the AAFC, the organization merged with the NFL starting in 1950 and lasting one year until they were disbanded. Two years and two tries later the Colts were finally established in Baltimore and enjoyed a 3 – 9 season in 1953. It took four years for the team to have a winning season, but by 1958 they had built a powerhouse under head coach Weeb Ewbank. While the defense of the Colts was considered one of the best in the NFL, it was the offense under Johnny Unitas that became legendary and helped change the fortunes of the NFL itself when they met the New York Giants in the 1958 NFL Championship Game.

The game was a defining moment for the NFL which had been growing in popularity over the past 35 years. However, the 1958 Championship Game was seen by over 45 million people on television and went to overtime, the first in NFL history with the Colts prevailing 23 to 17. That moment help solidify the NFL in the hearts of American sports fans and is seen as the beginning of the modern era in football.

indianapolis colts super bowl betsThe Colts went on to win the 1959 NFL Championship game and remained a formidable force in the 1960s, although most of the era was dominated by the Green Bay Packers. By 1968, the Colts had won their final NFL Championship Game and entered Super Bowl III as prohibitive favorites against the lightly regarded New York Jets of the AFL. The Jets won in another turning point for the league which led to the merger of the NFL and AFL in 1970. The Colts went into Super Bowl V as part of the new American Football Conference in the NFL and defeated the Dallas Cowboys 16 to 13 on a last minute field goal in what was one of the most mistake-filled games in Super Bowl history.

However, the 1970s saw the Colts diminish in standing in the NFL as they struggled just to have winning seasons and only made a few appearances in the post-season. With attendance down, Memorial Stadium aging and franchise losing money, the Colts played their final game in Baltimore in 1983 although no one outside the organization knew that at the time. The Colts owner Robert Irsay could not get the improvements he wanted from Baltimore, so he moved the team literally in the middle of the night to Indianapolis to start anew. The move caught everyone by surprise as the team found new fortune in a city that had just built the RCA Dome to house a new NFL franchise. The resulting controversy lasted for well over a decade as the fans in Baltimore felt cheated out of losing their beloved team.

super bowl prop betsHowever, in Indianapolis the team was well accepted and ticket sales for their inaugural season in 1984 went through the roof although it did not improve the results on the field. The Colts had only 12 wins in their first three seasons which included a 0 – 13 start in 1986 which led to the firing of the coaching staff. By the 1987 season their fortune began to turn around with the acquisition of future NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson who led the Colts to a 9 – 6 season that ended in the playoffs with a loss to the Cleveland Browns. Unfortunately, it took until 1995 before the Colts saw the post-season again and even advanced to the AFC Championship Game against the Pittsburg Steelers in 1995 only to lose the contest after a Hail Mary pass fell incomplete.

In 1998, Peyton Manning was drafted by the Colts who helped solidify the franchise and begin a remarkable run that lasted until 2010. Manning’s incredible skills has made him one of the most formidable quarterbacks in NFL history and despite only winning three games in his first season, he posted up numbers impressive enough to be named to the NFL All-Rookie Team. The Colts finished a remarkable 13 – 3 in 1999 only to lose in the division playoffs to the Tennessee Titans.

indianapolis-colts-super-bowl-oddsFor the first decade of the 21st century, the Colts continued to be remarkably successful, particularly after hiring Tony Dungy from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Dungy quickly improved the defense and helped lead the Colts to successive playoff runs from 2002 up to 2006 where their frustration at not making the Super Bowl was finally ended. The Colts defeated their arch nemesis, the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game and advanced to play the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI where they defeated them 29 – 17 giving the city of Indianapolis their first Super Bowl title.

In 2009, Manning led his team to another Super Bowl appearance only to lose to the New Orleans Saints 31 – 17. By 2011, Manning had suffered a serious injury to his neck which led to him missing the entire 2011 season and eventually leaving the Colts for the Denver Broncos.

Today, the Colts are led by the celebrated Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and today the Colts continue to enjoy success in reaching the playoffs with hopes to reach another Super Bowl.

andrew luck super bowl mvp odds

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Detroit Lions 2015 Super Bowl Bets

detroit-lions-sexy-fansFirst things first, the Detroit Lions are 50/1 to win the Super Bowl. The only team with a worse chance (according to Las Vegas) is the Arizona Cardinals. (Super Bowl Odds are from the our best online sportsbook)

Simply put, if you thing the Lions will win the Super Bowl, you should bet them now! 50/1 means you can bet $100 on the Lions, and if they win, you would win $5,000. That’s a great payday.

The Detroit Lions are one of the most venerable members of the National Football League having originally been formed way back in 1929. However, despite their rich history they have not enjoyed a sustained run at success over their time in the NFL. Still they are a team that is well respected and today enjoys a substantial fan base.

The History of the Detroit Lions

The team was founded in 1929 as the Portsmouth Spartans, a team that drew players from the semi-professional ranks. Although not initially a member of the NFL, it did play teams from that league and enjoyed some success against them. The city of Portsmouth built a new stadium for their Spartans and the team joined the NFL in 1930. They managed to earn a mediocre 5-6-3 record in their first season.

One of the most interesting successes Portsmouth had was in 1932 against the Green Bay Packers where they only played 11 players with no substitutions. The Spartans defeated the Packers 19 to 0 on that day. That was the same year that Portsmouth played in their first NFL playoff game against the Chicago Bears to the indoor confines of Chicago Stadium because of blizzard conditions. The Spartans lost 9 to 0 that day and the following year the Eastern and Western Conferences of the NFL was formed.

portsmouth-spartansThe Great Depression hit the city of Portsmouth hard and they team was moved to Detroit and renamed the Lions in 1934 as a nod to the Detroit Tigers. The Lions made history in 1935 by playing in their first Thanksgiving Day game which is a tradition that continues to this day. 1935 was also the year that Detroit won its first NFL Championship defeating the New York Giants 26 to 7.

However, that was the high point for the Lions as the next 15 years saw them struggling to win games. The only notable achievement was in 1943 when the Lions and Giants played to a 0 to 0 tie, the last time an NFL game ended in a scoreless tie.

The First Super BowlThe 1950s saw Detroit enjoy its greatest success in the NFL thanks in large part to its legendary quarterback Bobby Layne who led the Lions to its first NFL Championship Game in 1952 and defeated the vaunted Cleveland Browns under legendary coach Paul Brown 17 to 7. The Lions managed to repeat the following year against the Browns 17 to 16 thanks to a late touchdown pass from Layne to Jim Doran. However, in 1954 the Cleveland Browns got their revenge and beat the Lions badly 56 to 10 to deny the Lions a third consecutive championship.

In 1957, the Lions managed to get back into the NFC Championship Game again despite Layne being injured and out of the contest. This time, the Lions managed to rout Cleveland 59 to 14 and bring home their third NFC Championship in just six years, a remarkable achievement.

However, that would be the last successful run by the Lions as of this date. Since that time, the Lions have only won a single playoff game and have yet to manage even threaten a championship run. The legend says that this was because following their last Championship win in 1957 the Lions traded Layne who had been injured to Pittsburg. According to the legend, Layne cursed the Lions and stated that they would not win another championship for fifty years. While the curse was never confirmed to have actually happened, what is true is that the Lions have yet to win in well over 50 years an NFL Championship.

Detroit-Lions-Super-Bowl-BetsBy the 1960s, the Lions were still potent, but they could not seem to catch a break as they won the first “Playoff Bowl” which was a temporary experiment between the runners-up of each conference which did not advance the team in the playoff system. This experiment stayed in place until 1970 when the AFL officially merged with the NFL.

Perhaps the most noted achievement of this time was not the Lions themselves, but instead how they served as part of the literary backdrop of George Plimpton who spent some time in the Lions’ training camp pretending to be a player and writing about the experienced for his book “Paper Lion” which was eventually made into a film.

By the 1970s, the Lions continued their struggles despite going 10 – 4 in 1970, only to lose to the Dallas Cowboys. Tragedy struck on October 24th, 1971 when their wide receiver Chuck Hughes actually died on the field because of a massive heart attack, the only player in NFL history to die in such a manner. The Lions continued to struggle throughout the 70’s and into the 1980s despite acquiring some talented players along the way.

detriot lions cheerleadersIn 1980, the Lions drafted Oklahoma running back Billy Sims who led them to some success, but they could never make the playoffs and struggled to put together winning seasons. However, their fortune changed in 1989 when they drafted Oklahoma State running back Barry Sanders. His incredible abilities combined with his humble nature helped give the Lions hope even as they struggled on the field.

However, by 1991 they had managed to up their game and went 12 – 4 over that season, only to lose Mike Utley, an offensive guard to a paralyzing injury. Still, the managed to defeat the Dallas Cowboys 38 to 6 in their first playoff game only to get smashed by the Washington Redskins 41 to 10 in the NFC Championship Game.

With Barry Sanders on their team, the Lions continued to make the playoffs over the course of the 1990s, but they never could win another post-season game. While Barry Sanders managed to rush for an amazing 2,053 yards in 1997, he retired from the Lions at the end of the decade which led to a downward spiral for the team.

Today, the Lions seem ready to return as in 2014 they have made the playoffs yet again. Whether they can sustain success is another matter, but this storied franchise certainly has a rich history in the city of Detroit.

detroit lions super bowl odds

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Arizona Cardinals 2015 Super Bowl Odds

Arizona-Cardinals-super-bowl-oddsThe storied history of the Arizona Cardinals is one that encompasses more than a century in American sports. A charter member of the NFL when it was formed in 1920, the Cardinal organization was actually founded back in 1898, making it the oldest recognized professional sports organization in the United States that is continuously run outside of baseball.

Currently, the Cardinals are members of the NFC West Division of the National Football League. However, despite their very long history they have not enjoyed a great deal of success over the years and the franchise has moved from their original location in Chicago to St. Louis and now to Tempe, Arizona where they are currently located. The Cardinals are certainly one of the most interesting franchises in the NFL and over the years has certainly created a great deal of history for themselves.

The History of the Cardinals Franchise

cardinals arizona super bowl betsBefore becoming charter members of the NFL in 1920, the Cardinals were part of a vibrant football circuit that existed in the Chicago area. The Cardinals left that circuit to become members of the American Professional Football Association which became the National Football League in 1922. Along with the Green Bay Packers, they are the only organization to still exist from that original timeframe.

The Cardinals were rather pivotal in the inaugural season of the NFL as their victory over the Decatur Staleys (who later became the Chicago Bears) allowed the Akron Pros to win first championship by playing the Staleys to a tie where the tie-breaker was their overall records. In the first few years of the struggling NFL, the Cardinals were at the center of many interesting contests where they set one of the most curious records that still exists today. In a game against Racine on November 25th, 1923, the Cardinals scored exactly 4 points which makes them the only team to score that exact amount in the history of the NFL.

In 1925, the Cardinals won their first NFL Championship under unusual circumstances as they won by winning percentage instead of in an actual championship match. This was because the NFL at the time had no set schedules or playoff system in place. After completing what would be the final game of the season the Cardinals found themselves in second place. So, the managed to schedule a couple of games against recognized opponents and thumped each one to the point where they had managed to overtake the first place team. Although highly controversial, it was not against the open-ended rules of the NFL at the time.

arizona-super-bowlPerhaps a far more notable achievement of the Chicago Cardinals was the fact that they actually hosted African American players, including Duke Slater, one of the most outstanding lineman of his era. The Cardinals kept Slater on the roster even during times when the NFL was adopting rules which greatly limited the participation of African Americans. Slater played 99 games and was named All-Pro for six seasons.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals saw little success on the field after winning the 1925 NFL Championship. Over the course of the next 20 years, the Cardinals only had two winning seasons and had 10 losing seasons in a row that lasted until 1945. However, the end of World War II signaled a change in the Cardinal organization as they managed to turn things around. The NFL had standardized their schedule for 12 games in 1947 when the Cardinals enjoyed their best season ever. They went 9- 3 and beat Philadelphia 28 to 21 for their first and only NFL Championship. The following season the Cardinals managed to go 11 – 1 and participated in the first NFL Championship Game to be televised. However, they lost to their rivals, the Eagle 7 to 0 in a heavy snowstorm.

The 1950s were a terrible time for the Cardinals as their record plummeted and attendance dropped as more people went to Soldier Field and Chicago Bears games. With only 33 wins in ten seasons, the Cardinals were in danger of being totally forgotten when after undergoing a great financial struggle managed to move the team to St. Louis in 1960.

cardinals playoff betsFrom 1960 to 1987, the Cardinals played in St. Louis with mediocre results, enjoying a few winning seasons and some success, but for the most part not making the post season. It took 14 years before the Cardinals became truly competitive under the auspices of Don Coryell who engineered his team to win the NFC East, but through a quirk in the schedule had to go on the road and lost to the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the playoffs, the first playoff game the Cardinals were in since 1948. The Cardinals won the NFC East the following season, but lost to the Rams in the first round of the playoffs. That was the only notable success for the Cardinals in their stay in St. Louis. By 1998, the franchise had moved to Tempe, Arizona.

The Cardinals struggled in their first decade in Tempe, but by the end of the 1990s the team had shown some life with Jake Plummer as the quarterback winning some close games and managing in 1998 to beat the Cowboys in their first post-season victory since 1947, a stretch of 51 years.

Super_Bowl_XLIII_logo.svgHowever, that brief moment of success burned out the following season and the Cardinals slumped back into their losing ways for another decade until they won the NFC West Division in 2008 and their first home post-season game since 1948. However, it was not until the following year that the Cardinals won their second post-season contest since 1947 and then won two more playoff games to reach Super Bowl XLIII against the Pittsburg Steelers, only to lose in an exciting 27 to 23 contest. Still, the Cardinals manage to win more post-season games in that one year than all of their previous years in the NFL combined.

Today, the Cardinal franchise is still strong in the Tempe area and has a devoted fan base. In 2014, the Cardinals managed to secure another post-season playoff game despite undergoing numerous injuries which provides hope to the Cardinal faithful that a Super Bowl victory is within their grasp at some point.

Cardinals Super Bowl Odds

The Cardinals are a lot shot to win the Super Bowl. Their current odds in Las Vegas are 75-1. If you like Arizona to win the Super Bowl, you should bet on them now as their odds will only increase if they win this weekend. Good Luck!

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The NFL Playoffs are coming!

Houston-Texans-Super-Bowl-OddsTexans at Titans: The NFL schedule makers have a wacky sense of humor. How else do you explain the next six weeks in the lives of the Houston Texans? They start a three-game road trip this week. Then, after hosting the Bills, they go on another two-game road trip. Their journeys will include flights from Jacksonville to New York, Houston to New York, and New York to Oakland. Yes, that’s two trips to the Big Apple; Gary Kubiak will be able to catch both Hairspray and A Chorus Line, if he is so inclined (he’s probably not).

The Texans haven’t won on the road since Dec. 2004, so the double road trip will hardly be a vacation. Not that the Texans have scared anyone at Reliant Stadium, either. “Teams act like it’s homecoming when they come in here, and we’ve got to change that kind of thinking,” said Texans defensive end N.D. Kalu. Despite Kalu’s warning, the Titans have no intention of scuttling the floats or canceling the Sadie Hawkins dance.

Randi-TexansCheerleaderThe Texans are one of the few teams in the league that the Titans can look down upon. Two weeks ago, Jeff Fisher celebrated his team’s upset of the Redskins as if Marty McFly had traveled back to Super Bowl XXXIV and pushed Kevin Dyson two yards into the end zone. Now his team is hoping to win back-to-back games for the first time since 2003. “Now we have some confidence, knowing we can play with anyone in the league,” linebacker Keith Bulluck said. “Whether it’s a top team or a bottom team, we are coming out to play the rest of the year.’’ That’s great, Keith, but what were you doing in September?

Inveterate gambles might be interested in knowing that the Texans are 4-1 against the spread in their last five meetings with Tennessee, and that they are getting three points. Of course, you can also avoid the middle man and just set your money on fire.

Cleveland Browns Super Bowl BetsJets at Browns: During the Browns’ bye week, Romeo Crennel vowed to work with embattled offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon and fix the problems in the Browns offense. The results: seven points, 10 first downs, and a 1-of-11 performance on third downs. “Once Romeo Crennel decided against enacting any serious change during the bye week, it was obvious the behind-the-scenes attention he turned on game-planning and play-calling would amount to mortician’s work,” Bud Shaw wrote in the Cleveland Plain Dealer one day before Carthon got his pink slip. New coordinator Maurice Chevalier is planning major changes. “Oooh la la, ze offense, she is tres moche! Tank heaven for leetle quarterbacks,” Chevalier said.

(Actually, Jeff Davidson will act as the Browns offensive coordinator. Chevalier remains dead.)

Maybe Carthon should have taken some advice from Eric Mangini, a more successful offshoot of the Parcells/Belichick coaching tree. Mangini, eager to embrace new technology, encourages players to download game film into their MP3 players. After all, nothing suggests serious film analysis like a two-inch wide screen. Say, is that Kellen Winslow II or a ketchup smear?

We smell upset this week. But it’s only because we heard a rumor that Chad Pennington deleted all of his footage of the Browns blitz packages so he could download two episodes of Family Guy and the latest My Chemical Romance album.

philadelphia eagles super bowl oddsJaguars at Eagles: Andy Reid called a special Monday practice to make his team watch film of their last two losses, a 30-minute gag reel filled with facemask-grabbing, 12th-man blitzing, flag-kicking, and public vomiting. Apparently, Johnny Knoxville was called in to edit the footage. “No one’s blowing a head gasket or getting out of control right now,” Darren Howard said after the film session. Apparently, Howard hasn’t spoken to an Eagles fan recently. The Jaguars can match the Eagles play-for-bonehead play: injuries, fumbles, and dropped passes all contributed to an embarrassing loss to the Texans. “We just need to walk out of this Texas stadium and delete this,” Reggie Williams said on Sunday. The loser of this game may be deleted from the playoff picture. The Eagles won’t let that happen at home.

Niners at Bears: The Bears are heavy favorites, and they are facing a team that shouldn’t be able to stay on the field against them. When have we seen this before? Oh yeah, last Monday night. ‘’I’m not too happy with the way we played, but the character we exhibited, that’s something to be documented. That’s the character of a champion,’’ special teams ace Brandon Ayanbadejo said of the Bears’ recent only-against-the-Cardinals comeback. Lovie Smith was more skeptical. “I hope that’s the case. But we have a long way to go.” This week, the Bears will turn the ball over seven times but win on a blocked kick and three fourth-and-one stands. Quentin Tarantino is writing Mike Nolan’s postgame speech.

New York Giants Super Bowl OddsBuccaneers at Giants: Just once before he retires, we want to see Tiki deke Ronde. Or Ronde thump Tiki muy grande. Or, see both of them flash their power rings at halftime as Ronde takes the shape of a pterodactyl and Tiki takes the form of a refreshing spring mist. In fact, anything the Barber twins do on the football field is cool. But no more credit card commercials, please.

Steelers at Raiders: Randy Moss gave Art Shell a game ball after the Raiders won their first game since last November against the Cardinals. Moss then promised Shell that he would go 18 whole minutes on his radio show without criticizing the coaching staff, which explains why Moss was playing In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida. Ben Roethlisberger’s status was up in the air at presstime. The Raiders’ status wasn’t: they still stink.

dallas_cowboys_cheerleaderCowboys at Panthers: Welcome to the dawn of the Tony Romo era, otherwise known as the “Anyone but Bledsoe Era.” Romo has spent four years in Dallas and is good enough to win games given the available firepower. The question is whether said firepower will accept him as their leader. The Cowboys start a three-game road trip against a Panthers team a lot like them: a would-be contender long on offensive weaponry but incapable of building any early-season momentum. Take the Cowboys and the points this week, but look for them to descend into bickering over the next few weeks. And steer clear of Bledsoe: he’s a little snippy these days.

Cardinals at Packers: Early odds on whom Brett Favre carries around on his shoulders after the Packers beat what’s left of the Cardinals: Donald Driver: 2-1. Ahman Green: 3-1. Denny Green (”I know who you are! Now let me off the $%^# hook!”) 10-1. Peter King: 15-1. Paul Hornung with his pants around his ankles: 2,000-1. Actually, if the presstime rumors are true, Green will be off the hook by the time you read this.

Baltimore_RavensRavens at Saints: Steve McNair missed some practices early in the week, but he is expected to play on Sunday. Brian Billick is taking over for scapegoat — err, departed offensive coordinator — Jim Fassel as the team’s play caller, but he didn’t make many changes over the bye week. “You can only get so much done. You can’t be unrealistic,” Billick said. “We are not going to come out and start running the wishbone … it’s just not going to happen.” That’s a shame, because Ravens fans are really wishing for some offense. After the Ravens score just 13 points this week, Billick will start firing ticket takers.

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What NFL games are you watching this week?

Do the following statements sound familiar to you?

betting on football“Hey, barkeep, can you put the Jaguars-Texans game on this television? While you are at it, put Patriots-Bills on that one, Panthers-Bengals on that one, NASCAR on the one by the window, and HGTV on the one over the jukebox so my girlfriend can watch her scrapbooking program.”

If you or someone you love often asks bartenders to customize his football viewing experience, that person may be suffering from OCSD: Obsessive Compulsive Satellite Disorder. Such individuals cannot distinguish between a public tavern and their own living rooms, and they are incapable of realizing that bartenders have more important things to do than fiddle with remote controls (like, for example, pouring beverages for thirsty sportswriters).

There are a variety of treatments for OCSD. Patients can learn the Satellite Serenity Prayer: “Grant me the serenity to watch the games I cannot change, the courage to change the games I can (like fourth quarter blowouts), and the wisdom to not ask a bunch of guys in black biker gear to turn off a Raiders game.” Tavern owners can help by pre-labeling each television with the game it will show, and by training servers to “just say no” to OSCD sufferers with unreasonable demands.

But an OCSD sufferer’s buddies are his first line of support. Friends don’t let friends incur channel-changing related beatdowns. On a Sunday like this one, filled with interesting games, it’s important to limit OCSD behavior. Find a good seat where you can watch multiple games. Pick a bar that has 300 televisions. Or just buy your own satellite and stay the heck home. You can make a difference.

Games you will watch
Rams at Chargers: Forgive St. Louis sports fans if they have been a little too distracted by the exploits of Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen to pay much attention to their football team. But the Rams gained ground by standing still during their bye week. Not only did the Seahawks lose on Sunday, but they lost Matt Hasselbeck for a few weeks. The Cardinals sunk even further into oblivion, eliminating some of the divisional competition. The Rams proved that they could take the Seahawks to the wall two weeks ago, and their Week 10 rematch could have playoff implications.

rams super bowl betsThe playoff talk is built upon the assumption that the Rams can at least split with their AFC West opponents over the next two weeks. That’s a tall order. By the time they host the Chiefs, Trent Green could be back under center. And this week they face the success-allergic Chargers. Just when we’re ready to crown them as the best team in the AFC, Marty Schottenheimer’s troops find a new and creative way to lose.

The Chargers will play without several key members of their front seven this week. Shawne Merriman will play while his suspension is appealed, but fellow linebacker Shaun Phillips is out with a calf injury. Defensive end Igor Olshansky just had knee surgery and is out for a few weeks. Steve Foley, of course, is lost for the season. The Chargers had depth along the front seven at the start of the year, but they are really testing their depth. If they cannot mount a pass rush, Torry Holt and company will parboil their secondary, especially if players like safety Marlon McCree continue the “tackling optional” policy they introduced in Kansas City.

But all of the talk about the Chargers defense ignores how good their offense has become. The Chargers rank fourth in the league in offensive DVOA and third in points scored. A few turnovers marred an otherwise solid performance last week, but the Chargers have just five giveaways on the season and usually take care of the ball. The Chargers will be able to pile up points against an average Rams defense. They may be overvalued as 10-point favorites, but they’ll prevail.

colts super bowl betsColts at Broncos: Regular Rundown readers are familiar with the phenomenon we call AFC Rock Paper Scissors. The Patriots always beat the Colts. The Broncos always beat the Patriots. And the Colts always beat the Broncos. It’s such an easy little trend that it’s tempting to skip the actual game analysis and just wait to see who plays whom in the postseason. But since the Colts are traveling to Denver and New England the next two weeks, straining the limits of the RPS theory, we had better take a closer look at the matchups.

Last week we wrote that the Colts’ run defense was a critical weakness, so a run-oriented team like the Broncos (or the Redskins) should theoretically have an advantage against them. But we oversimplified a bit: the undersized Colts have a hard time stopping power runs up the middle, but they are effective when opponents attack the perimeter. On outside runs, ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis can shed blocks and disrupt plays while the linebackers attack downhill. The Broncos, a stretch-running team, will learn what the Redskins discovered last week: if you keep trying to attack the edge, the Colts will dump your running back for some losses.

Tatum Bell will play a key role against the Colts.

broncos-super-bowl-spreadTake away Tatum Bell and the running game, and the Broncos have no way to move the ball. Jake Plummer’s problems this season have been well documented, but it’s not like Plummer is missing lots of wide-open receivers as they streak down the field. Rod Smith appears to have turned 36 all at once. Javon Walker is still getting his feet wet. Tight ends? What tight ends? The Broncos miss all of those “fringe” players who were dumped in the off-season: Mike Anderson, Ashley Lelie, and even Jeb Putzier. The defense has been tremendous, but this is their biggest test of the year. They won’t hold the Colts to a single-digit score, and the Broncos will once again be held to 17 or fewer points on offense.

The Broncos typically have an ace up their sleeve in late October: Old Man Winter often plays his exhibition games in Denver. Unfortunately for the Broncos, Mr. Winter is hanging out with his peer group (Marv Levy and Ralph Wilson) in Buffalo: forecasts call for Sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s in Denver all weekend. The injury report is a wash: the Colts will miss defenders Montae Reagor and Mike Doss, but the Broncos offense will be even weaker without left tackle Matt Lepsis.

The RPS theory prevails this week, which is a mixed blessing for Colts fans who see the dreaded Patriots on the horizon (yes, we know, the Colts won last year). Oh, and Steelers fans shouldn’t feel left out: they can play the RPS game, too. Steelers beat everybody. Including themselves.

bengals super bowl odds

Falcons at Bengals: The men’s magazine GQ is about to publish its list of the 16 “coolest” sports heroes ever, and Michael Vick makes the list, along with Joe Namath, Willie Mays, John McEnroe, and Magic Johnson. Apparently, the criterion included awesome threads and a rep as a cell phone-shuffling ladies man. Championship rings were optional, at least in Vick’s case.

If the GQ spread was Vick’s greatest accomplishment of the week, then this game would be buried among the Nutshells. But Vick had his best game ever as a passer last week, and not a moment too soon. Two weeks ago, Falcons coordinators Greg Knapp and Ed Donatell almost pulled a Buddy Ryan vs. Kevin Gilbride, owner Arthur Blank called a Jim Mora-less coaches meeting, and the dirty little secret that Knapp is frustrated with Vick’s slow development became dirty little common knowledge.

bet bengals super bowlThe unpredictable Falcons face the equally unpredictable Bengals, whose high-powered offense, slowed by injuries along the line, has scored just 53 points in three games. Despite the slow start, there’s no friction between coordinator Bob Bratkowski and the team’s offensive stars. “Bratkowski — I love you! Thank you! That was a great call,” Chad Johnson said after Bratkowski ordered a bomb to Johnson to set up a game-winning score.

Keep talking like that, Chad, and GQ will make you one of the coolest athletes of the millennium. Actually, they are probably scared off by the orange hair. No pick in this game: these two teams have burnt us in the past few weeks, so we’re waiting until we see more.

Games you should watch
Seahawks at Chiefs: With Matt Hasselbeck injured, Seneca Wallace is now the Seahawks quarterback. Wallace left college as a “slash” player in the mold of Antwaan Randle El or the Jets’ Brad Smith, but a funny thing happened on his way to the slot: the former Iowa State star stuck as a quarterback. He has thrown 52 passes in his four-year career, 27 of them in mop up duty, 25 of them last week. He’s fast and creative with the ball, but he’s also vertically challenged: Wallace measures 5? 11? using the wishful thinking ruler, and he weighs as much as Walter Jones’ average meal.

With Matt Hasselbeck shelved, Seneca Wallace takes over.

bet-seahawks-super-bowlWallace’s job is to prevent a catastrophe and maybe win a few games while Hasselbeck heals. Even if Wallace plays well in Kansas City, the Seahawks will have a hard time escaping with a win. Their offense has suffered all of the injuries, but their defense has also been a disappointment. Opponents have noticed that the Seahawks bite on every misdirection play that a coach can dream up, and the Chiefs have a playbook full of screens, counters, and reverses. Larry Johnson, who is still picking little bits of Marlon McCree out of his facemask, should enjoy his second straight big game against a team that has forgotten its tackling fundamentals.

Trent Green might be back in a week or two, just in time for a stretch that includes the Dolphins and Raiders. Don’t write the Chiefs off just yet. Nor the Seahawks, for that matter: even with guys named “Seneca” and “Maurice” starting, they can finish 10-6 in an easy division.

Patriots at Vikings: The Vikings unveiled a tricky Mewelde Moore-to-Jermaine Wiggins halfback pass for a touchdown last week, just hours after the Chargers surprised the Chiefs with a LaDainian Tomlinson-to-Brandon Manumaleuna touchdown throw. Bill Belichick saw the plays and now has a case of genius envy. He spent much of the week down in the lab with his offensive assistants concocting a Laurence Maroney to Mike Vrabel shovel pass, to be followed by a Matt Cassell drop kick.

Tom-Brady-Super-Bowl-MVPThe Vikings’ crafty offense was showcased in all of the highlight reels, but their defense has spurred their surprising 4-2 start. Kevin Williams and the front four provide a solid pass rush, and E.J. Henderson has finally developed into a fine all-purpose linebacker. The Vikings give up too many passing yards, but they have a knack for scoring points with their defense. “That’s pretty much been the mentality around here: that we’re trying to put up points,” cornerback Antoine Winfield said after Williams scored the Vikings’ fourth defensive touchdown of the season.

The problem with defensive touchdowns is that you cannot rely on them. The Patriots have turned the ball over just six times all year, so the Vikings cannot count on their defense to do much of the scoring. They also cannot count on the Patriots to rely solely on their rushing attack. Tom Brady finally figured out who Doug Gabriel, Reche Caldwell, and Chad Jackson were against Buffalo, completing nine passes to his trio of new receivers, including two touchdown throws. “All the guys are working hard,” Brady said. “Everyone is part of the passing game.”

If the Patriots have repaired their biggest offensive problem, then the rest of the AFC is in trouble. So are the Vikings, who aren’t good enough to ring up back-to-back upsets just yet.

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